How did Jack Daniel Die? What Happened to the Distiller?

Jack Daniel

It is believed that the cause of Jack Daniel’s death was blood poisoning. One day, when he came to work very early and needed the company’s books, which were kept in a safe.

As he could not remember the combination in order to make the safe open, he became frustrated and hit the safe really hard, thus injuring one of his big toes.

As he didn’t get his injury checked or cured, this eventually led to a blood infection which became lethal and years after the event, it got him killed.

Full NameJasper Newton “Jack” Daniel
Date of BirthJanuary 1849
Deceased DateOctober 9, 1911
Age at death62
Cause of deathBlood Poisoning

Who was Jack Daniel?

Jack Daniels was a businessman and distiller in America. He was born in 1849 and was the youngest son of the 10 children of Calaway and Lucinda Matilda Daniel. The place of his birth was Lynchburg, Tennessee.

As Jack’s mother died shortly after his birth, his father later remarried and had three other children. Old rumors state that his real name was not in fact, Jack. His real name was Jasper Newton Daniel, but friends and family called him Jack.

Another unusual rumor stated that Jack was not tall at all; he was said to be only 5’ 4” tall.

What were Jack’s skills and occupation?

At a very young age, Jack started to work for a distiller and a preacher called Dan Call. Call was a busy man, but soon he saw a lot of potential in Jack, trusted him with his business and taught him how to manage his whiskey still.

Even if old stories state that Jack was first licensed in 1866, some reports have shown that the distillery had not been founded until 1875.

Who taught Jack the Whiskey recipe?

Even with Jack working under Dan Call’s guidance and mastery, he learnt the whiskey’s secret ingredient from a black slave which Calls owned, named Nearest Green. Green was the country’s first African American master distiller, but being a slave, they did not give him credit in the story.

But luckily for him, justice was made when recently (at the 150th anniversary of the famous whiskey brand) some historians revealed the truth behind the curtains and acknowledged Green as a founder.

Even more, in his honor and memoir, one of Green’s descendants decided to open in 2017 a distillery called Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey.

When did Jack die?

Jack Daniel started to work for the whiskey distillery when he was around 10. He dedicated his whole life to the company, creating and maintaining the famous and finest taste. He never got married or had any children.

He died in 1911 and is buried in Lynchburg City Cemetery, Lynchburg, Tennessee.

What happened to his business after he died?

As he did not have any children, the business was given to one of his closest nephew, Lemuel Motlow. Lemuel was the son of one of Jack’s sisters, who was considered to be very talented and skilled with numbers and bookkeeping.

He operated the business on and off for 40 years, which was interrupted by the Government several times, as whiskey was banned due to World War II.

Lemuel died in 1947, the business passing to other members of his family (probably his nephews).

What is Jack Daniels’s legacy?

Thanks to decades of hard work, Jack Daniel became the oldest, the most famous and the best-selling whiskey brand in the entire world. On the original whiskey label, it is mentioned ‘quality Tennessee sour mash whiskey distilled and bottled by Jack Daniel distillery’, which covers pretty much its origin and keeps Jack’s name alive.

There are many varieties of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, but Old No.7 Black Label is the most popular (it is said that 7‘s brand name was the number assigned to the distillery by the American government).

At that time, Jack Daniel’s was associated with good music and entertainment and it was rapidly loved by everyone, including the famous Frank Sinatra.

Nowadays, the distillery belongs to the Brown-Forman-Corporation, where they try to keep up the unique and distinctive taste of oak, sugar maple, caramel, vanilla and butterscotch.

As a sign of appreciation and In order to keep the motivation up, the company rewards the employers with a free whiskey bottle at the end of every month.