How Did Prim Die in The Hunger Games? What Really Happened?

Prim Everdeen, sister to Katniss Everdeen died brutally in a bomb explosion outside the Capitol. It is still a mystery as to who exactly ordered the bombing but most believe it was President Alma Coin. The double detonation tactic was designed by Katniss’s best friend Gale, who Katniss later blames and resents for her sister’s death. The bomb was detonated during the final battle between the Capitol and the rebels from District 13. It killed many people including children, peacekeepers and medical aids.

Who is Prim?

Primrose Everdeen, commonly known as Prim was quite the opposite of Katniss in both looks and character. Prim was blonde and very gentle in character. She was also a natural healer who loved animals. Katniss on the other hand was a brunette, who had a talent for hunting and was quite prickly in character. Despite their differences, the two sisters were very devoted to each other.

How did Katniss end up as a contestant in the Hunger Games?

The series begins with Katniss volunteering to take her sister’s spot in the Hunger Games, even though Prim’s name was the one that was originally pulled out of the bowl. She knew Prim wouldn’t last long in the deadly competition and was determined to save her sister. Katniss ends up winning the games, returning home to a very relieved Prim.

What tragic thing happens in District 12?

The sisters and their mum then move to the Victor’s Village, where Prim continues with her education and healing lessons. Another reaping sends Katniss back to the games and Prim and her mother return to District 12. District 12 is soon bombed by the Capitol but Prim and her mum survive after being saved by Gale. 

How does Prim get into trouble in District 13?

They flee to District 13, which is the unknown home of the rebels. Prim then lives in District 13 for a while with her mother, sister and special cat, Buttercup. When District 13 gets attacked by The Capitol, Prim nearly gets trapped out of the safe quarters for going back to save her cat. She however makes it back just in time with Gale.

Why does Prim join the war?

This attack triggers the final war between the rebellion and the Capitol. According to President Alma Coin’s orders, children from the age of 14 are all expected to become soldiers and join the war. Despite being only 13 years old, Prim is allowed to join the war as a medical aid on the frontline, with her mission being to save as many people as she can. Katniss is initially unaware of this.

Who dies in the Capitol bombing?

During the battle, some Capitol children get injured by explosions from a hovercraft carrying bombs made by the rebels. Being a natural healer, Prim quickly runs to the barricaded mansion with other District 13 medics to try and help the injured children. 

At this point, Katniss, who was pretending to be a refugee, spots her sister and yells out her name. Prim hears her sister call out to her and turns just in time to call back to her sister before the second bomb is detonated. This second wave of bombs kills Prime and other medics, while severely burning Katniss.

How does Katniss commemorate her sister Prim?

Katniss gets sad with grief and loses her voice for a few days. It is believed that President Coin sent Prim to her death to sway both the Capitol citizens and Katniss to her side. Katniss also finds out that the bomb that killed her sister Prim was a design of her best friend Gale. This makes Katniss resent Gale.

How does Katniss avenge Prim?

Katniss avenges her sister by shooting President Coin during an execution meant to kill President Snow instead. She sees the growing evil and tyranny in Coin and realizes she would not lead the country to freedom but instead perpetuate the hostile leadership. 

What was Peeta’s dedication to Prim?

In the end, Peeta brings primrose bushes to Katniss to plant around their home in District 12 in commemoration of Prim. Both of them also write about Prime in their book talking about all the special people they lost to the Hunger Games and the second rebellion.