Hi, I’m Suyesh. I’m the one who created this site. The main objective behind starting howdidtheydied.com is to create a place where you could get all the information regarding how your favorite celebrities or your favorite TV character died.

Generally, we see a lot of celebrity related sites that talk about their relationship status, net worth, etc. but a website that specifically details about celebrity death was absent. So, I thought of starting this site to make sure that gap is filled and I can help people get the right information.

Often there are also rumors circulating on social media regarding the death of celebrities but on reality, those turned out to be just death hoax.

So this site also tries to fact check whether someone has really died or is it just a hoax. Social media is a boon as well as a bane.

As much as it helps us stay connected with our favorite celebrities, at times it also turns out to peddle fake narratives so you can stay assured that we’ll help you get the correct information.

Apart from that, the site also covers daily news that revolves around unfortunate deaths of celebrities as well as people from other fields who are famous. As much as we like our celebrities to remain alive forever, nature has its own rule and everyone who comes needs to go.  

If you want to share some news regarding celebrities that you think we should cover, you can simply contact us.