How did Kiritsugu Die? What Happened to this Fate Franchise Character?

Kiritsugu died after an illness of 5 years which was after the 4th Holy Grail War. A curse declared by Angra Mainyu cost his life, and eventually, his limbs became lame, he lost his sight, and his circuits became useless. In his last moments of life, he spent with Shirou and primarily involved watching the moon outside the garden.

Who is Kiritsugu Emiya?

Kiritsugu Emiya is a prominent fictional character in the famous Fate Franchise. Ideally, he is the biological father of lllyasviel von Einzbern. He is also the adoptIve father of Shirou Emiya.

Kiritsugu is also a minor character in the Fate/stay night, and aprotagonist in the novel referred to as the Fate/Zero. He is also the master of the Saber in the Fourth Holy Grail War. Previously he was famous for being a freelancing and an assassin of the heretical magi, and during that time, he was referred to as the Magus Killer.

Where was Kiritsugu Born?

Kiritsugu was born on November 11, 1965, in Fuyuki City. He was raised on Alimango island. During his childhood, he lived with his father, Emiya Noritaka. He was friends with Noritaka’s assistant, Shirley, and had a crush on her despite being four years older than him.

Why did Kiritsugu Kill his Father?

Kiritsugu killed his father when he realized that he was the leading cause of his first love, Shirley, death. He loved Shirley, but disaster struck, and she became a vampire after drinking a potion that Kiritsugu’s dad had prepared. The potion was Noritaka’s research that he prepared to ‘save the world.’ After Shirley became a vampire, his father pleaded with him to kill her, but he fled out of the village.

When Kiritsugu hesitated to kill Shirley after she transformed into a Dead Apostle, it later resulted in the death of the whole island. After Kiritsugu realized that his father was the cause of Shirley misfortune and he was determined to continue with the Dead Apostle experiment, he killed him to prevent more deaths.

How did Kiritsugu Become a Magus Killer?

Kiritsugu Emiya the Magus Killer

Kiritsugu realized that the tragedies he witnessed in his childhood were widespread in the world. Thus in his teenage years, he became a freelancer such as Natalia to hunt down various heretical magi in the world.

Natalia trained him in magecraft, tracking, weaponry, and assassination. Kiritsugu and Natalia became partners and started saving the world.

Why did Kiritsugu Reject the Grail?

The grail was neither omniscient nor omnipotent, and ideally, it could not fulfill what Kiritsigu wanted. To fulfill his ultimate wish, Kiritsugu explained a viable method to the grail that would help fulfill his wish. He had no idea how to end the war and create an environment of eternal peace. However, the grail decided to incorporate some crude methods that Kiritsugu had previously used to minimize bloodshed.

Kiritsugu was feeling very guilty for the deaths he had caused, and he found out about the Holy Grail War; he was very hopeful of ending the war peacefully. However, he realized the grail would not peacefully end the war.

He also realized that the grail would not be trusted. The grail tried to lure him by using illusory versions of llyasveil and Iri to coax him. Due to the grail’s manipulative actions, Kiritsugu was forced to reject the grail.

Did Kiritsugu Kill IIYA?

After he rejected the grail, it went to kotomine, which ideally revived him. Later, he destroyed the grail and killed Ilya and Isisviel to prove his determination.

Where is Kiritsugu Buried?

After Kiritsugu was cursed, he lost the Magecraft abilities that would enable him to pass the bounder field. He spent his last moments with Shirou, and it was among the happiest moments of his life. During these moments, he reminisced about his life. His life was full of regrets since he was unable to save his daughter. He also revealed to Shirou about his childhood dream to become a hero of justice, and he also admitted that he could not fulfill his dream.

Later he died very peacefully as he watched the moon, and he recognized how beautiful it was. He died at the young age of thirty-four years and was buried in a graveyard behind the Ryuudou temple.

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