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At the end of the series, Tsunade retires at the end of The Fourth Great Ninja War and transfers the Hokage title upon Kakashi.

She came close to dying on two occasions but survived both and there is no evidence from the author, Masashi Kishimoto, that Tsunade actually died.

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Infact, in the ending of the series, she is seen attending Naruto’s wedding hence quashing any story of her ever dying.

Who is Tsunade?

Tsunade is a Naruto character. She is hailed as the world’s greatest medical-nin and regarded as the most beautiful and strongest Kunoichi.

The loss of her brother Nawaki and boyfriend, Dan Kato took a toll on her and she relinquished her duties as a Shinobi for many years.

On meeting Naruto Uzumaki many years later, her faith in dreams was restored and she went on to become Hokage and was charged with protecting Konoha and its villagers.

Tsunade ended up becoming the only Hokage to live long enough to see two generations of successors take office.

What were Tsunade’s greatest abilities?

Tsunade was famed for creating the Creation Birth Jutsu and the Transformation Technique.

In what episode does Tsunade die?

Tsunade was last seen in the epilogue attending the wedding of Naruto and Hinata.

What was Tsunade’s personality?

Tsunade was a strong willed fighter and exhaled at medicine. She was an able leader who was critical and analytical in her thinking. She was rarely caught unawares as she was highly observant.

She suffered from hemophobia after hopelessly witnessing her lover die from heavy bleeding, She later overcame the condition after meeting Naruto Uzumaki who taught her how to have faith in dreams again.

Despite Tsunade’s almost perfect character, she was not without vices. She was known to be rude and had a bad temper. She was also an irresponsible gambler who lost lots of money.

Did Tsunade have a brother? If so, is he alive?

Tsunade had a younger brother named Nawaki.

Nawaki always dreamed of becoming Hokage someday so as to protect Konoha, their grandfather’s legacy.

On his twelfth birthday, Tsunade kissed his forehead and gave him Hashirama’s necklace, hoping that it would help him accomplish his dream.

Unfortunately, Nawaki died the very next day during the Second Shinobi War, forcing Tsunade to take the necklace back.

Was Tsunade’s necklace cursed?

Tsunade inherited her grandfather’s necklace after his death and protected it dearly.

To her surprise, everyone she passed on the necklace to, faced death.

Both Tsunade’s brother, Nawaki and Dan Kato died with the necklace.

Most ended up convinced that the necklace caused death to anyone who wore it apart from Tsunade.

Why did Tsunade retire from combat and medicine?

During the Second War, Tsunade’s hemophobia resulted in her not being able to save Dan Kato, her boyfriend, who ended up bleeding to his death. This made her lose hope and question if it was worth fighting to be a Hokage.

She ended giving up on trying to be Hokage, terming it, “a fool’s job.”

Did Tsunade have a boyfriend?

Tsunade and Dan Kato had a very deep and close relationship. She became Hokage to keep his dreams alive after he died in the Second War.

Even decades after Dan’s death, Tsunade turned down Jiraiya‘s advances in memory of Dan.

Was Tsunade a gambler?

Tsunade’s grandfather, Hashirama Senju was a gambler. She is said to have inherited that vice from him, an attribute her grandfather found secretly amusing.

She had bad streak at gambling and lost a lot.

Why was Tsunade called “The Legendary Sucker.”?

Tsunade was a gambler and had a continuous bad streak leading her to lose lots of money.

Those who made huge profits from her losses nicknamed her, “The Legendary Sucker.” as a result.

Who were Tsunade’s parents?

Tsunade was the first born daughter of the Founding First Hokage Hanaku Senju and Tsuyoshi Denshiko, a lineage that led to her being called “Princess.”

Why was Tsunade a princess?

Tsunade’s grandfather, Hashirama Senju, being the First Hokage, automatically made Tsunade a “Princess”.

What was the Tsunade’s Transformation Technique?

Tsunade was able to almost permanently transform herself to appear much younger than she was. She did so especially to avoid her gambling debts.

Unlike other temporary forms of transformations, Tsunade’s can be maintained for longer and was not even affected whenever she got injured or was in sleep.

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