How Did Jotaro Die? What Happened to Him in the Manga Series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?

As his death is still a debate issue for the audience, we are not sure whether he died or not. Jotaro’s supposed death occurred while fighting  Pucci, who intended to kill his daughter, Jolyne.

So, trying to save his daughter’s life and stop Pucci, he got struck by a knife and gets killed on the spot. Some other people argue that at the end of ‘Stone Ocean’, Jotaro might still be alive thanks to his arc powers and a time reset.

Who was Jotaro?

Jotaro Kujo is the main protagonist of the Japanese manga series Stardust Crusaders, the third part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

The son of Holy Kujo and the grandson of Joseph Joestar, Jotaro was a brilliant student and he even has a PhD in marine biology.

Around the age of 21, he has a daughter after marrying an Italian-American woman, which he later divorced. He plays a major role from part 3 to part 6 of the series and his character is described as both good and bad, as his character really changes along the series.

What was Jotaro’s Appearance Like?

Jotaro is described a very tall man (6’ 5”) with muscular body. He has dark hair and green eyes. In Stardust Crusaders he is about 18 years old, but in Stone Ocean, he is 20 years older.

When he was young, he resembled both his father and grandfather. He wears a trench coat with golden buttons, a stiff collar and leather shoes. Later on, being in his forties, the coat and cap are replaced by darker ones.

What was Jotaro’s Personality Like?

Jotaro is very witty, intelligent and has a cool poker face attitude. Most of the times, people cannot tell what he thinks or feels, because he does not talk much and uses short phrases.

Anyway, despite his non caring appearance, he has a caring heart and is very loyal to his close ones. At the beginning of his appearance, he is described as a tough and careless person, also being a delinquent.

After discovering where his super powers come from, he subsequently changes his ‘occupation’ into chasing vampires and fighting the bad people.

What were Jotaro’s Skills and Abilities?

When he was younger, Jotaro really believed he was possessed by an evil spirit, as he once injured four persons in one day, leading him to turn himself to the police.

The surprise came when he was rescued by his grandfather, who told him that his powers came from his ancestors and ran into the family. Jotaro’s main ability in the series became his Star Platinum stand, which had the power to be summoned and fight for him.

Thanks to his stand, he was able to gain superhuman speed and strength. The bad part is that the Star Platinum did not work if it was too far away from Jotaro, or if it was damaged, Jotaro would die along with it.

Was Jotaro a Good or a Bad Person?

Like any human, Jotaro has qualities and flaws. Some of his worst mistakes are related to his family: first, he leaves his friends and family and chooses marine biology, then, he is not always nice to his mother, and then, he abandons his wife and daughter.

But in his excuse, he was protecting the world and fighting the enemies. Even with his reckless and dispassionate nature, he has some great qualities as well: he is forgiving, focused, confident, always fights the evil and gets the job done.

Besides this, towards the end, he becomes more mature, and a better and more caring parent.

How Did Jotaro Reconnect to his Daughter, Jolyne?

Even if Jotaro divorced his wife in order to protect her and his daughter from criminals, it still left some marks and made Jolyne become resentful and careless.

Basically, she became just like him in his youth. Even if she has the same powers stands (given by Jaturo, but with no instructions on how to use them), she becomes chased by Pucci.

When hearing about this, Jotaro comes to her rescue. During Stone Ocean, we can see the father and the daughter working together in order to fight evil.

Even if at first, Jolyne was not particularly fond of this cooperation, we learn that she has deep feelings for him and yearns for his approval.

At the same time, Jotaro acts as a protective parent, telling Jolyne how much he cherishes her. During the fight with Pucci, he tries to kill him and save his daughter, but he succeeds none and gets killed instead. He could not use his stand and super powers because they were stolen.

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