How Did Richard “Fritz” Simmons From Harlem Die?

Richard “Fritz” Simmons

Fritz’s sister Evelyn Simmons claimed that her brother Fritz was “poisoned” in 1991. Circumstances surrounding his death though still remain a mystery.

Who was Richard “Fritz” Simmons?

Richard Fritz Simmons was a young man growing up in the poor neighborhoods of New York City. Fritz was introduced into the drug trade by an associate of the mafia.

A lucrative deal was made that saw Fritz Simmons become New York’s Consignment King. He reigned as the most powerful drug lord for over a decade and made millions of dollars under the radar of the NYPD and was never arrested.

Was Richard Fritz Simmons the Harlem ROBINHOOD?

Most of the inhabitants of Harlem benefited from Fritz in one way or another. He supported many families through purchase of groceries, payment of rent, school fees and hospital bills.

What is The Harlem Plug: The Richard “Fritz” Simmons story about?

The Harlem Plug is a 266- page biography of Richard “Fritz” Simmons written by the author, Harlem Holiday. It was originally published on 31 October, 2019.

It offers insight into Fritz’s childhood, his work ethic and why he returned to Harlem. How and why he joined the drug cartels is also captured in detail.

Why was Richard Fritz Simmons called the King of Consignment?

It all started when Fritz was given his first 15Kgs package of cocaine to sell by the Medellin Cartel. Mostly any drug dealer would have used drug peddlers to distribute the drugs, but not Fritz.

Instead he risked and gave away the coke on consignment, saying he was confident in what he had done.

It goes without saying that this foresight paid and he sold the coke in two weeks, a record time that earned him the name, “The Consignment King”.

What was Fritz commonly referred to as?

Harlem referred to Richard Fritz Simmons, their own urban legend, as Fritz from West 112th Street.

Who is Harlem Holiday?

She is an Amazon novel Bestseller, born and raised in Harlem. She lived temporarily in Bronx from where she met her current husband.

Is Harlem Plug a good book?

The book delves deep into the details that have never been released into the public domain. In Harlem Holiday, the author brings out the real facts as to who the true Richard Simmons was after almost three decades of speculation.

The accounts include events as disclosed by Fritz’s close friends, family, newspaper clippings, magazine articles and social media.

Why was Fritz’s methodology special?

Fritz owes his obscurity to his business acumen of achieving the impossible and doing something that hasn’t been done.

His blueprint consisted of staying quiet, steering away from violence and going against the norm.

How did Richard Fritz escape arrest from NYPD?

His low profile and simple life is attributed to his escaping the NYPD’s attention. Unlike his fellow drug lords who lived flamboyant life styles, he remained rooted in Harlem and never adjusted his living standards. This kept the attention of NYPD off him for over a decade.

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Fritz also mostly moved solo or with a maximum of two people. This kept him safe, alive and out of jail as less people knew about him and his movements.

Was Richard Fritz Simmons Flashy?

Though a millionaire many times over, Fritz was very low key and had frugal habits. He would be found hidden in plain sight at 109 West 112 Street adorned in nondescript overalls and braided hair, not to mention his worn-out shoes.

He also never moved out of his old apartment building and drove an old Nissan Maxima.

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