How Did Monse’s Mom Die? What Happened To Her In ‘On My Block’?

Monse's mom

Monse’s mom committed suicide.

Why did Monse’s mom kill herself?

In Chapter 8, Monse is seen questioning her mother Julia about whether she is her biological mother mainly because she abandoned her and her dad when Monse was just three years.

In chapter 13, Julia admits to being her mother. Later Monse learns that Julia lied to her rich Brentwood friends that his father used to abuse her, as a cover up story to shield her from being harshly judged for leaving her family and she says goodbye to her mom only to discover her mother has committed suicide.

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Her untimely death left more questions than answers. Could her death be as a result of the remorse she felt at abandoning her children? Or because of being unable to rekindle her relationship with Monse? Sadly, the truth may never be known.

In what episode that Monse’s mom die?

Monse’s mother Julia died in Chapter 24, just after Monse discovers her lies about her father abusing her.

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What is the similarity between Monse’s role in “On My Block” and the real Sierra Capri?

In the series On My Block, Monse is estranged from her mother just as in real life, Sierra Capri who portrays Monse, is estranged from her real life father.

Coming from a broken home helped her interpret her role fully as she mirrored her real life father-daughter experiences to that of Monse and her mother in the series.

Who was Monse’s mom?

Julia Whitman changed her name from Selena Finnie after abandoning Monse with her father Monty. She first appears in chapter 4 with a new husband and two white children.

She currently resides in the rich white neighborhood of Brentwood.

Julie Whitman

What is “On My Block” about?

On My Block is an American teen comedy-drama available on Netflix that follows four childhood friends in their teens, as they join high school in the fictional Freeridge neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The first episode was aired on March 16, 2018 and it continued for 4 seasons until October 4, 2021.

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Monse Finnie is the primary protagonist in the series. She is portrayed by Sierra Capri.

Being a group of funny and street-smart friends, the series highlights their successes and challenges.

Why did Julia return to Freeridge?

Julia was writing a memoir about her past while at Brentwood. She returned to Freeridge to complete it.

Who is Monse?

Monse who is played by Sierra Capri, is an independent and free thinking Afro-Latina girl, who was raised by her father.

She is very protective of her friends and is the glue that binds them. Growing up without a female role model has taken a toll on her especially on how to dress and behave like a lady. Her bond with her father is very strong.

Is “On My Block” based on a true story?

Eddie Gonzalez, one of the creators of the series shared that after growing up as an undersized teenager in Lynwood, he arrived at Loyola Marymount University where he was intimidated because of his unique background. This was his inspiration behind creating the series.

Why did Monse say goodbye to her mother Julia?

After learning of her mother’s deceit to her rich Brentwood friends, she chose to sever ties with her mother. This was coupled with her insecurities that her mother was ashamed of having colored teenager as her child.

Was Monse’s mom a fit mother?

Monse and her dad Monty were abandoned by Julia when Monse was just three. She later got married to Mr. Whitman, who surprisingly during Julia’s funeral, revealed that Julia had left them severally only to return and promise not to repeat the same mistakes.

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