How Did Larry Die in Sally Face? What Really Happened in this Game?

Larry dies in his attempt to stop a demon possessing him, so he commits suicide in his tree house after drinking a bottle of alcohol. The death occurs in chapter 4, The Trial, while the Red Eyed Demon was released by the cult, having the mission to infect all the residents of the Addison building.

Before this, he left a note to his friends and texted his friend Sal several times, using non sense words. Unfortunately, at the moment of Sal’s arrival, Larry was already dead and could not be saved.

Who was Larry in Sally Face?

Larry is one of the main protagonists of Sally Face, an indie adventure and psychological game which is divided into five chapters. He is a young boy who lives with his mother, and becomes friends with Sal, who just moved in.

Larry and Sal both have something in common: both Larry’s father and Sal’s mother passed away when they were little. Later, when Larry discovers demons and murderers, Sal is there to listen and help him solve the mysteries, and they both start an adventure in stopping the evil.

What was his appearance like?

Larry had a long brown hair, brown eyes and a tanned skin. He had a gap between his teeth and a mole right under his right eye. He would always wear a beige t-shirt with the SF logo on it, and a red hoodie when he was outside.

As a ghost, his appearance changed, as his eyes were white, his beard had grown longer, his veins were visible through his skin and his clothes were ripped and torn. Apart from this, he was wearing a robe with a sharp hood, making him resemble a wizard.

What was his personality like?

Larry is very kind, caring, brave and loyal. He cherishes deeply the memories of his father and he would do anything to protect his mother and friends.

Nevertheless, he gets along with others easily, but he is not afraid to stand up for himself and defend his own principles and what he believes in.

How old was Larry?

The action in Sally Face takes place in five episodes with time gaps of months or years between them. Thus, Larry was 16 in the first episode and 23 when he died in Chapter 4, The Trial.

Who was Larry’s best friend in Sally Face?

Larry becomes very close to Sal, the main protagonist in Sally Face, and they both solve puzzles and mysteries such as the murder of their neighbor, Mrs. Sanderson in Chapter 1 Strange Neighbors, the strange bologna recipe made with human meat by their teacher Mrs. Packerton in chapter 3 The Bologna Incident, or the existence of a cult temple underneath their building in chapter 3 and 4.

Larry later becomes Sal’s step brother, as their mother and father got married.

What was Larry’s purpose?

Ever since he encountered the Red-eyed Demon, who touched him, Larry had believed he has been cursed, as a lot of tragic events and mysterious murders have happened ever since.

One of Larry’s biggest desires was to make his father come back from the dead, as he once gathered all his things and put them in the house tree on their building roof.

Larry’s father shows up as a Phantom several times in the series, helping both Sal and Larry in their murder investigations. But overall, Larry’s main goal was to stop the evil to spread in the world.

What happens after Larry’s death?

Larry’s death left deep wounds on his friends Sal and Todd, but because Larry’s soul was still wandering on Earth, he became present in the form of a ghost. So, Sal and Larry’s ghost are still seeking for solutions regarding the cult, and after Todd is possessed by a demon, Sal gets arrested and is put to trial.

Ashley, another friend of theirs, puts all her efforts in trying to prove Sal’s innocence by convincing people of the existent evil, but she does not succeed and Sal dies in an execution.

Believing that Sal is the only person who can put this to an end, she offers her body to host Sal’s spirit and they all manage to destroy the cult and save Todd from demon possession. The story ends with Larry’s achieving his last goal and his ghost vanishing, leaving his friends to grieve him.

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