How Did Vincent Nava Die? What Really Happened To The American Skater?

Vincent Nava died on 6th September 2020 in a car crash in California. He did not pass right away though; the multiple injuries made him enter a coma. Even if he fought really hard for his life after the crash, he unfortunately lost the battle shortly after that.

Full NameVincent Nava
Date of BirthAugust 22, 1998
Deceased DateSeptember 6, 2020
Age at death21 years
Cause of deathCar Crash

What Was Vincent Nava Famous For?

He was a remarkable and appreciated athlete, famous for his numerous tricks and stunts with his skateboard, and also for his non conventional sprayed hair.

How Old Was Vincent Nava When He Died?

Vincent was born in 1991 in Los Angeles, and at the moment of his death, Vincent was 21 years old. His funeral took place in Rose Hills Memorial Park.

How Was Vincent Nava’s Physical Appearance Like?

He quickly became noticed due to his wild and non conventional hair, which really made him unique. It was in fact his idea to raise a longer hair, paint it with spray and do spikes on it.

He once mentioned in an interview for Thrasher Magazine that the longest time he spent in doing his hair was 1h and 30 minutes and used two bottles of hair spray. He also stated that sometimes he would wash it off, but most of the times he would just sleep with it like that.

How Do Family and Friends Describe Him?

He was seen and described as the most compassionate, loving and loyal person; one of the most talented skaters. He was perceived as a positive person with great vibes, always having a smile on his face.

He treated everyone he met very friendly. Some would say that skating was obviously a passion for him, because he lived and breathed through it every single day.

He was seen as really hardworking, and his dedication and natural talent led him to many opportunities in his career which he definitely earned and deserved.

How Did Vincent Nava Become Famous?

Vincent was noticed and sponsored by Pig Wheels. He started skating when he was very young and he began skating on flat ground in skate shops.

Later, he would practice it in nearby parks, and there he would meet other passionate people with same visions and goals. He shortly became an expert in skating rails.

When wanting to skate during the quarantine, his mom asked him ‘What’s the point of having quarantine if you’re just going out while we’re just inside?’ So, Vincent respected that.

But after a while, his will became stronger than social rules. So, he decided to go skating, but with big caution and always wearing a mask.

What Awards Did Vincent Receive?

He received numerous awards and participated at many events such as as Phoenix Am Semi-Finals and Am Qualifiers, Adidas Los Angeles Qualifiers, Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival Invite Finals and Damn Am Costa Mesa Semi-Finals. Overall, he was seen as a rising star in the LA Skateboarding Scene.

How Did Vincent Nava Impact Other People During His Life?

Vincent was a real model for those passionate of skating, which is why he wanted to teach children by working at an after-school program called Woodcraft Rangers.

He has mentioned in an interview for Thrasher Magazine that the school is really amazing and has everything a person needs for training, from all sorts of sports to equipment like Deluxe and OC Ramps.

In the same interview, he was asked if he was afraid to die and his answer was really inspiring to all of us. He said that indeed the thought of death is scary, but if he were scared all of the time, he would not live his life at all. He then added that no one is in fact too safe anywhere in this world.

Vincent’s death was certainly seen as tragic and unexpected, especially that he was so young and had such a bright career ahead of him. His talent, courage and determination was inspiring for all of us and he was missed not only by his close ones, but also by his fans and people all over the globe.

His legacy will go on thanks to the memories people have, his hard work, the stamp he put in the community, and everything he accomplished before the age of 21.

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