How Did Carl Judie Die?

Carl Judie was an American film and TV actor, known for his work in ‘A True Menstrual Show’ and ‘Dharr Mann’.

Carl passed away in February 2021 in Texas, after struggling with complications from the Covid-19 virus.

Who Was Carl Judie?

Carl Judie was born on 11 July 1958 in Texas. His mother and father are unknown, having not been publicly confirmed by Carl or his family.

As a boy, Carl was drawn to the military and after completing his primary education in the school of his home town, he joined the military services for two decades.

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There are reports of Carl marrying Juanita Y in 1981, however it is difficult to find information on this.

Carl later married Sharon Judie, a play-writer and actress. It was in fact Sharon who introduced Carl to the acting world in 2013 – after a main character dropped out of Sharon’s stage-play, Carl stepped forward to fill the role.

Carl and Sharon have a daughter together, Brianni Walker, who was born in 2007.

What Has Carl Judie Starred In?

Carl has starred in a number of short films and videos, such as ‘A True Menstrual Show’ a short film from 2020 in which Carl played the grandfather character.

In addition, Carl also starred in many videos from ‘Dharr Mann Studios’, playing a variety of characters. These short videos are motivational, focusing on relationships, life and business. The actors play roles in depictions of real-life situations, teaching important life lessons. The videos are inspired by Dharr Mann himself, and his own experiences of failure and success.

How Did Carl Judie Die?

Carl died from Covid-19 complications in February 2021. He was in his early sixties at the time. His daughter Brianni announced the news via a post on her Instagram page.

How Did People React To Carl Judie’s Death?

Carl’s death affected many fans, friends and family alike, and there was a significant online reaction amongst them to his death.

On her Instagram page, Brianni posted: “I’m completely heartbroken. RIP @carl8493 Carl “Dad Granddad” Judie. You were our sunshine. I’m Gonna miss you so much. I know it’s God’s will calling you home, it hurt so bad. I Hate covid19”.

Dhar Mann is an entrepreneur, YouTuber, video producer and the founder of ‘Dhar Mann Studios’. He posted: “With a very heavy heart, I’m sad to say our beloved actor Carl Judie has passed away. I’ve been trying to find the words to say for some time now but it’s just been too painful to write.”

Following Dhar’s post, Dhar Mann Studios created a fundraising page and initiative for Carl’s family, referring to Carl as a “real life angel”.

The page’s description read: “You may be gone now, but you will always live in our hearts and your legacy of changing lives will live on forever.”

What Happened After Carl’s Death?

Carl’s death and Carl himself inspired many positive movements in their aftermath.
The fundraising page set up by ‘Dhar Mann Studios’ has raised over $69,000 for Carl’s family. In November 2021, Dharr Mann himself donated $25,000 on behalf of Carl’s family, and created a mural of the actor.

How Did The Public React to Carl’s Death?

The online reaction to Carl’s death was significant, with many fans turning to social media to express their condolences.

A fan wrote: “R.I.P may he Rest In Peace and all of the loving memories of him be with him and everyone else forever to me the videos won’t be the same afterwards but life is short. I will be giving prayers to him and his family it’s just heart breaking to see someone die or hear about it:(.”

A post from another fan reads: “He was so amazing. I am sending all of my love to his family and friends. I will remember him, always.”

Yet another fan wrote: “I would like to say Rest In piece to Carl Judie if you don’t know who he is he was one of the actors on @dharmann it hurts a lot since I love how inspiring Carl is we wish you the best up there love you so much Carl.”

Here’s to Carl and his talent. You’ll be missed, Carl!

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