How Did Pastor Angie Ray Die?

The cause of her death was never revealed by her family and relatives, but it is believed that she died of health problems due to her age.

Who was Pastor Angie Ray?

Angie Ray was the daughter of James and Grace Gibson. She graduated from Religious Arts in Christian Education in 1998, where she received her master degree, and one year later, she became Doctor of Religious Philosophy in Christian Psychology at the Jacksonville Theological Seminary.

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She was married to Harry Thomas Ray and had four daughters.

How Old was Dr. Angie Ray?

Dr. Angie Ray was born on 21 June 1942 and she died on 10 December 2005. She was 63 years old at the moment of her death. She was buried in the Washington Memory Gardens, Homewood, Cook County, Illinois.

How was her personality and what were her beliefs?

Pastor Angie Ray fell in love with Jesus ever since she was a child and dedicated her whole life serving him and his word. She was a woman of faith, so energetic, determined, passionate and committed, that she wanted to share her beliefs with others.

Her ministry focused on prayer and love, as well as achieving spirituality and deliverance. In her early years of ministry, she started The International Intercessory Prayer Guildwhere she gained a large community (more than 1000 people), who joined her sessions with interest and love.

In short time, she became a Pioneer of Deliverance and her ministry of intercession led her to pray with and for everyone, including the President.

In 1989, she founded Angie Ray Ministries, called “Church on the Rock”. Her sessions of prayers were held in her living room in Country Club Hills, Illinois.

Years later, the ministry bought her a place in its current location in Matteson, Illinois. Just like any doctor, Angie Ray’s goal was to provide assistance to people and guide them with the help of spirituality.

She believed that God is the way to heal people’s souls and that deep faith will deliberate your path, opening new roads and possibilities.

How do People see Angie Ray Ministries?

Along the years, many people followed and joined Angie Ray Ministries, singing and intercessorry praying with Pastor Angie Ray.

According to Angie Ray Ministries’s Facebook page, more than 1300 people checked in and all of them enjoyed the meetings so much, that their hearts were filled with joy and God’s presence.

Some even mentioned that is “a lifetime experience that you will never forget”, and some people said that there are no words to describe how the place impacted their lives and how deeply they felt God’s presence there; they also mentioned that they felt like they really belonged to a community where no one is judged, just accepted.

“The glory of God falls in this place. Looking for a miracle? Then this is the place for you.”, said Renee Logan, one of the thousands of people who attended.

What is written on her tombstone?

”Loving Pastor, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Intercessor and Humanitarian”.

What is Pastor Angie Ray’s legacy?

Those who have known her and prayed with her can still hear her words echoing. People will always remember her voice and her stories filled with God’s presence and love, as she really put a mark on so many people and changed so many lives.

A few of Dr. Ray’s favorite sayings were: “Fall in Love with Jesus, Fall in love with His Word” and “Holy is right and deliverance is real”.

Pastor Angie Ray was with no doubt perceived as one of God’s messengers on Earth; she inspired everyone who heard, seen her or met her in person, as she managed to deliver Jesus’s words through singing, prayers and the power of intercession.

Even if Pastor Angie Ray left this world and followed her path to Jesus in Heaven, Angie Ray Ministries continues its holy road and is still conducted and cherished by her four daughters: Kimberly Ray-Gavin, Denise Ray, Cheryl Ray and Tanya Ray, who received the gift of spirituality from their mother.

Nowadays, they carry on the same beliefs their mother had and their goal is to help individuals who struggle in marriages or relationships and provide support to communities both on a natural and spiritual level.

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