How Did Kim Clement Die? What Events Led to This Prophet’s Demise?

Kim Clement died at the age of 60 years in November 2016 after suffering from a brain bleed, cancer, and unknown medical complications for over one year. In 2015, Kim was admitted to the hospital due to a brain tumor. After the treatment, he became well for a while, succumbing to the illness on November 23 the following year.

Full NameKim Clement
Date of BirthSeptember 30, 1956
Deceased DateNovember 23, 2016
Age at death60 years
Cause of deathCancer
Occupationsinger, author, songwriter, and pastor
Height5 ft 8 in (172 cm)
Weight149 lbs (68 kg)
WifeJane Elizabeth Clement
KidsDonné Clement Petruska
Net Worth at the time of death$6-7 Million

 Kim was a renowned prophet and served as a senior pastor and well-respected spiritual leader of the House of Destiny.

He was also recognized as the singing prophet as he had a fantastic voice. He was also famous for prophesying about the future.

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Who Was Kim Clement?

On September 30, 1956, Kim was born in South Africa in a town known as Uitenhage. He was the son of Vivian Clement and Babette Clement. His father worked as a superintendent in the South Africa Railways, while his mother was a business owner and worked as a receptionist in a small clinic. He had three siblings, and one was a famous musician commonly known as Barry.

Growing up, he was passionate about music, and his aunt helped him grow his talent. Kim attended Lawson Brown High School located in Port Elizabeth. He started learning piano at the tender age of five years. At the age of 12, together with his brother, they formed a band known as the Mark 4, and he later joined the Cosmic Blues band.

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At 17, he was addicted to heroin and was quite involved in the drugs and rock scene in the seventies. But he was later transformed into a very dedicated Christian and minister.

How Did Kim Convert to Christianity?

In 1974 his life changed when he was robbed and stabbed in a bar. After the incident, he stumbled on the streets and fell in a ditch. When he thought he would die, he called out for Jesus and was lifted from death.

He was rescued by a Christian man who told him about Christ. From that day, he became a follower of Christ and started spreading the word of God. Kim began to work as a youth pastor and music director in 1976 up to 1978.

What is Kim’s Major Works?

He also worked as a counselor in one of the drug rehab centers known as Vital Link. Additionally, he worked with mentally disabled children and taught them music.

In 1978 Kim married the love of his life, Jane Elizabeth Barnes, in Durban, South Africa. The couple was married for 30 years before the death of Kim and managed to have five children.

Later, Kim built the first non-racial church known as Lyric Christian Center, based in South Africa. The church managed to defile the racial apartheid system, which was prominent in South Africa.

 In 1981 Kim traveled to the United States to attend Christ for the Nations. Between 1981-1991, he managed to travel to the USA 5 times a year. Later together with his family, he moved to the USA in 1991. In the USA, he started The Warriors of the New Millennium, situated in Detroit, Michigan. The goal of the outreach was to uplift the wounded people in the City.

Kim later settled in Southern California together with his family and pioneered an assertive prophetic outreach known as the Secrets.

How Many Books did Kim Write?

Kim was a renowned prophet, minister, and talented author. He mainly focused on writing his prophecies and inspirational books. His books were trendy, and he managed to sell thousands of copies in South Africa, the USA, and all other the world.

Some of his books are Call Me Crazy, But I’m Hearing God, Secrets of the Prophetic, The sound of His Voice, and The Prophetic Works and Legacy of Kim Clement.

What were some of Kim’s Prophecies?

Kim was a known self-proclaimed prophet. On July 25, 1996, he prophesied about Detroit; however, the prophecy did not make much sense. However, after five years, his prediction about America being attacked by terrorists came to pass. In 2007, Kim prophesied that Donald Trump would win the presidential elections.

What was Kim’s Net Worth?

At his death in 2016, his approximate net worth was around $6-7 million. He accumulated most of the money via his career as a singer, author, songwriter, and pastor.

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