How Did Hanako-kun Die? What Actually Happened?

The exact cause of Hanako’s death is not known. However, it is true that he died shortly after murdering his twin brother named Tsukasa. He became a ghost after dying and became popular as Hanako. Before that, he was known by the name Amane.

Who was Hanako Kun?

Yugi Amane more commonly known as Hanako is the protagonist of the very famous series Jibaky Shounen Hanako-kun. After his death, he became a ghost and started living in the Kamome Academy where he was destined to study and become a scientist. However, things went against his destiny, and he died.

He lives in the female bathroom, which is on the third floor. The toilet of the third stall is where he resides. It is also popular that he grants the wish of any person, who knocks on the third stall at least three times.

What Hanako Kun Looked Like?

Just like any anime character, he has choppy hair with brown color. He has amber crescent-shaped eyes. He is short heighted around 150 cm. you will see him wearing a cape mostly that goes all around his chest and shoulders. The red and gold collars of his cape add to its beauty. It matches really well with his outfit.

In his human appearance, he is seen to be wearing a school uniform, which is black pants and a white shirt with short sleeves.

What Kind of a Person Hanako Kun Was?

Hanako is the leader of Seven Mysteries. Unlike usual terrifying ghosts, he was cheerful and loved to help others in any way possible. He likes having fun in a childish way. Besides, he was also seen to be threatening others with his knife as anger took him over.

The ghost Hanako is very much similar to what a human Hanako was. The only difference is that he no longer thinks of becoming an astronaut. He also avoids thinking and discussing his past as it saddens him a lot.

Other than that, he has a deep love for his human friends and he cared for them with all his heart. He always tries to cheer his friends and help them in any way he can.

At What Age Hanako Kun Died?

As a human, Yugi Amane, Hanako had lived a terrible life. He has a horrifying past, which he does not like to think about. There is no mention of how Hanako died. Most think of it as a suicide, which he did in guilt after killing his twin brother.

It is known that he died at around 13 years of age. Later on, he became the ghost and took the name Hanako. He is the seventh mystery of Kamome Academy.

What Were the Abilities of Hanako Kun?

As he is the leader of the Seven Mysteries, he loves governing everything. With his powers, he can seal the items that others are unable or do.

Being a leader, he has to look at all the supernatural powers of the Academy. He is liable for maintaining a friendly relationship between humans and ghosts. The kitchen knife in hand is his identity, which he uses as a weapon. Also, being a ghost he can float a few meters above the ground.

What Do We Know about Hanako Kun’s Past?

Hanako has a terrible past. Not much is known about what he has been through, but we still get some idea. As a child, he was born with a circulatory system defect. His heart doesn’t function properly.

Ever since he joined the school, he reaches school with injury. However, he never disclosed anything about the culprit.

His future was in the books, according to which he has to be a science professor at Kamome Academy. His fate took a 360 degrees turn, and he ended up killing his brother proceeded by his own death in a couple of days.

Does Hanako Kun Possess Guilt for Killing His Brother?

It is clear in the series that Hanako feels the guilt of killing his twin brother. Since the cause of Hanako’s death is still unknown, many people believe that this guilty of killing his brother led him to commit suicide. But at this point, nothing can be said about the cause of his death since this series is still in publication.

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