How Did Sherry Shriner Die?

Sherry Shriner

Sherry Shriner died of a coronary heart attack on 28 January 2021. She was 56 at the time of her death.

Who was Sherry Shriner?

She was an American author and preacher who was born in 1965 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

She was also the leader of the YouTube cult, The Alien Reptile Cult and gave herself the status of being “The Most High God”.

She concentrated on conspiracy theories about NATO death squads, reptilian and the end of the world.

Did Sherry Shriner have a boyfriend?

Steve Mineo was Sherry’s boy friend. He was 32 years.

Did Sherry Shriner’s conspiracy theories lead to murder?

There were two cases of suicide linking it to the cult. When Sherry was questioned, she claimed that the members were killed by shadowy figures and also blamed NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

After Steve Mineo’s death, the girlfriend Barbara claimed that she was under the influence of Sherry when she shot him.

Has any movie been inspired by the events of Sherry Shriner?

The life of Sherry Shriner and the many lives lost as a result of her conspiracies has influenced a television series called Vice.

The shows second season, The Devil You Know, captured her life in one of the episodes focusing on her words, “People call me a false prophet.”

What was Sherry Shriner’s networth?

By the time of her death, her estimated net worth was $2M USD.

What did Orgone mean in Sherry’s teachings?

Orgone was central to Sherry’s supernatural teachings. It is a supernatural substance that allegedly had powers to defeat clones used to install the New World Order.

Many of Sherry’s followers owned ornaments of the substance.

How did Sherry’s boyfriend die?

Shriner conspiracy stories led to the eventual death of Steve Mineo through a gun shot wound from Barbara Rogers, his girlfriend. He was shot by his girlfriend on 15 July, 2017.

She called 911 and said, “My boyfriend had a gun, he said to hold it here and press the trigger, Oh my God, he is dead.” She claimed that Steve wanted to die because an online cult had ruined his life.

Were Steve Mineo and Barbara Rogers members of Sherry Shriner’s online cult?

Both Steve and Barbara were members of the cult. Over time, she had expelled them from the Cult labelling them Aliens on earth.

Why did Barbara Rogers and Steve Mineo get expelled from Sherry Shriners Cult?

It started with Barbara sending a Facebook post of her enjoying raw meat to which Sherry branded her as inhuman and alluded that she has a vampire demon within her.

Between May 29 and 1 July 2017, Mineo had become convinced that Sherry was a fraud and tried exposing her by uploading five videos. As a result Sherry and her followers excommunicated them from the Cult.

Was Sherry Shriner married?

Sherry was married and had four children who reside in Carrollton, Ohio. The identity of the other family members is not known.

Where did Sherry Shriner go to college?

Sherry Shriner attended Kent State University in 1990 and graduated with a degree in Journalism, Political Science and Criminal Justice.

What was Sherry Shriner’s career?

Her career is centred around fighting the devil. She and the devil were believed to be best friends before parting ways.

She used social media to spread her gospel and had a huge following on Facebook.

Before her death she published a book titled “Interview” which contained conversations with the devil, who she referenced as Lucifer.

Even after her death, many followers retained her teachings and believes.

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