How Did Speaker Knockerz Die?

Speaker Knockerz

Speaker Knockerz died in March 2014 at Columbia, South Carolina. He had been missing for three days before he was found dead at his garage.

The Richland coroner’s report ruled out foul play and since no signs of trauma were found, he concluded that it was a heart attack. Rumors though have it that it was triggered by an overdose of codeine syrup, as per the toxicology reports. He was just 19 years old.

Who was Speaker Knockerz?

He was an upcoming rapper and producer born on 6 November 1994 in New York, United States. Speaker’s real name is Derek MacAllister.

His unique rapping style, attracted a huge following.

What was Speaker Knockerz’s networth?

As of the time of his death, Knockerz’s estimated networth was $400,000 US Dollars courtesy of his recording label Talibandz Entertainment.

He marketed and sold his songs on iTunes and Amazon.

Did Speaker Knockerz have a girlfriend?

Brianna Barnes, was 20 years old when she met Speaker Knockerz. In 7th grade, they had adjacent lockers. She described Knockerz as “a skinny kid with a big head and goofy personality.” 

They soon became very good friends. She was his number one fan. Nothing much is known about their relationship.

What was unique about Speaker Knockerz’s songs?

His style of rapping was very different and his songs told a story as is evidenced in  “The Rico Story” Trilogy.

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Why did Speaker Knockerz’s mother leave New York?

Mesha Wilson, Speaker’s mother relocated to South Carolina with Speaker for fear of his children turning into criminals, Speaker’s own father being incarcerated for ten years due to his criminal record. She encouraged Speaker to pursue his musical interests and he started recording from his PC.

What did Speaker’s mother have to say about her son’s death?

At a party at Lucky 13 held in honor of Speaker Knockerz, his mother opened up about how heart broken she was.

She however said that though his sons life had been cut short, she was proud that his music had touched so many people. “I am so glad he used his gift and shared it with the world. When God gives you a gift, he gives it to you to bless someone else, he didn’t waste his time on earth.” Wilson said.

Did Speaker Knockerz have a family?

Speaker Knockerz is survived by his parents Derek MacAllister Snr and Mesha Wilson. He had a brother called Christian MacAllister, also a budding musician by the stage name Lil’ Rock.

How did Derek MacAllister end up as Speaker Knockerz?

After his dad, Derek MacAllister Snr, also a musician was released from jail in 2010, he helped his son clean up his music and Speaker Knockerz  got “born” and became famous from his debut mixtape, Flight Delayed, with nine sound tracks.

Speaker primarily used social media to market his music. He had a strong presence on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. His song “Rico Story Trilogy” has 3.5 Million views.

What schools did Speaker Knockerz attend?

He attended Kelly Mill Middle school, Ridgeview High School and the new Westwood High School.

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