How Did Young Pappy Die? What Was The Real Cause?

Young Pappy, a drill rapper met his early demise on May 29, 2015. Many at that time have asked, how did Young Pappy die? He was killed by a gunshot while standing on North Kenmore Avenue. His death was declared to be related to gang wars, where he was frequently involved.

Full NameShaquon Thomas
Date of BirthMay 10, 1995
Deceased DateMay 29, 2015
Age at death20 years
Cause of deathGunshot
OccupationDrill rapper
Net Worth at the time of death$1.5 Million

Young Pappy was last seen alive in Kenmore Avenue on May 29, 2015. He was walking the streets at 1:30 am. He received a gunshot at the back two times. According to witnesses, a shiny four-door black car came and drove off with a thin man wearing a gray hoodie.

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That was the only lead investigators had of the culprit. He was taken to the Illinois Masonic Medical center but was pronounced dead at 2:04 am.

Who Was Young Pappy?

Young Pappy’s real name is Shaquon Thomas. He was born on May 10, 1995, and has two brothers named Ryan and Tavion. He is a local of Chicago, Illinois, and grew up in Rogers Park, located on the North Side.

This area is deemed dangerous due to gang disputes. He is a member of a rap group called Gangster Disciples. They are known for their songs such as Killa, Homicide, Faneto Freestyle, and 2 Cups.

How Many Times Was Young Pappy Involved in Shootings?

There are three official accounts of shootings that threatened the rapper’s life. The first one was in February 2014, at a McDonald’s parking lot located at Clark Street and Pratt Boulevard. There was one causality at that time, while Young Pappy got shot in the arm.

Out of all the involved, he had minor injuries. The rapper managed to tweet that he is fine a week after. The second incident was on July 13, 2014. The young rapper was walking down Devon Avenue. He escaped the gunshot, but an innocent bystander got killed. Then the last one was in Kenmore Avenue, where he met his final demise.

Why Was Young Pappy a Target of Gangs?

Even before fame, Young Pappy was involved in gang disputes. Achieving popularity, most of his songs had messages taunting rivals. Young Pappy and rival gangs would take their argument on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Before his death, he released a new video called Shooters. The track included some lyrics telling that those attempting on his life do not know to shoot. The provocative lyrics were “N____, you don’t know how to shoot“; after about two weeks from the video release, his adversaries got the best of him.

What Other Troubles Did Young Pappy Get involved?

Besides disputes with rival gangs, Young Pappy also had issues with the police. After escaping a fatal shooting near his father’s home, he was charged with reckless conduct. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 29 days in jail.

He had a second incident of a run-in with the authorities. This time it is due to a rowdy mixtape release party. Young Pappy, together with 30 others, was charged with reckless conduct.

It was reported that the SWAT team crashed the party. He had a standoff with the police for about five hours and a neighbor said gunshots were heard. Young Pappy accused the men in uniform online, saying they were harassing him and his family. Then about a week later, he had another jail sentence due to missing a hearing.

Who Were the Other Casualties in the Young Pappy Shootings?

In the first shooting, a young man named Markeyo Carr was only 17 years old. Carr was fatally wounded. Witnesses recalled, his body was covered with a bloody white sheet. A gunshot at the back of his head was the cause of death.

The next victim on the second attempt of Young Pappy’s life was Wil Lewis. He was a 28 year old married photographer.

How Was Young Pappy Remembered?

Young Pappy is one of the many faces lost in gun violence due to gang wars. During that period of May 2015, there were reports of about 300 people shot and 37 killed in that month alone.

The rapper’s mother Ingrid Thomas, described him as intelligent, talented, and misunderstood. His mother always feared for his life since violence was always close. And sadly, it eventually got to him cutting his promising life short.

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