Here’s What We Know About the Death of Famous YouTuber and Bushcrafter Ric Nagualero

Ric Nagualero death

The news of the untimely death of Ric Nagualero spread like a wildfire on social media. Read below to know everything about the YouTuber and what was the exact reason of his demise.

Who was Ric Nagualero?

Ric Nagualero was a YouTuber famous for his camping videos. Unlike other campers, he used to venture into deep wilderness on Scandinavian forests and would stay there for days without any companion. Ric loved being in nature and he always used to inspire other like-minded people to begin their journey into nature themselves.

As per his YouTube channel, he was from Sweden.

How Did Ric Nagualero Die?

Ric Nagualero died on January 19, 2022. The news of his death was broken by his fans on the internet and as soon as it hit the news, everybody wanted to know how their beloved camper Ric Nagualero died.

But there are no credible information regarding the exact reason for his death. So we at HowDidTheyDied couldn’t confirm or deny about the exact cause of his death.

What Happened to Ric Nagualero?

The news of Ric Nagualero’s death began circulating on social media and it quickly spread among his fans and followers. The exact reason of his death still remains unclear to this day and will remain so until there is some clarification on the matter.

Some Facts About Ric Nagualero’s YouTube Channel

Ric used to a run a very popular YouTube channel named Nagualero. As of this date, his channel has a total subscriber base of around 328k. A total of 106 videos have been uploaded on the channel.

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He joined YouTube on March 21, 2007 and his videos have a combined total view of more than 40 million as on the day of writing this post. So Ric’s channel is still a very popular channel after his death. His videos continue to receive love and attention from his fans.

Below is one of his most popular video that has around 12 million views as to this day.

What Type of Videos Did He Use to Make?

Ric Nagualero’s videos are mainly about bushcrafting. This includes wilderness camping trips, wilderness painting and woodcraft and outdoor cooking. He loved nature and through his videos, he showed to people that nature has everything in store for us that we need to survive.

In one of his videos, he ventured into the wilderness for a 7 days solo bushcraft trip where he camped in a wild island.

One unique thing about Ric’s videos is he used to speak very less. In fact he wouldn’t speak at all in most of his videos. He is seen doing activities like arranging the shelter, lighting fire, cooking food, but he does it without actually speaking. And his fans and followers seem to like it as most of his videos are highly watched.

His main objective behind starting the YouTube channel was he wanted to capture and document each wilderness trip as well as showing his favorite activities like bushcrafting skill, wilderness painting, outdoor cooking and woodcrafting. He believed that nature is the ultimate healer so he wanted his fans to enjoy his videos and forget about their stress in everyday life.

Ric Nagualero Personal Life

Not much information is revealed about the personal life of Ric Nagualero. We just know that he was from Sweden and he used to camp in Scandinavian forest.

Nagualero’s Net Worth

According to various sources, Ric Nagualero’s net worth is estimated to be around $5,00,000. 

Ric Nagualero's painting
One of Ric’s painting that is on sell at

Ric Nagualero FAQ

Did Rick Die During His Camping Trip?

No information is available regarding how he lost his life so we can only assume as to how that dreadful event happened.

Did Rick Kill Wild Animals For Food During His Trips?

No, Rick used to take his own food from supermarket. He would use the nature for shelter and water and manage food on his own. He would hunt only if he really need to but not on YouTube and he is of the opinion that wild life is to be enjoyed and not killed.

Did Rick Take Any Filming Crew With Him in the Forest?

No, Rick used to do everything solo. No filming crew, no companion, just Rick and his camping tools.

What Activities Did He Perform While Staying in the Forest?

Rick loved camping in the wilderness and bushcrafting is his favorite activity in the forest. He would also cook his own tasty food using forest wood. One of his other hobby was painting. During spring, when the weather is nice, he used to perform various paintings of nature. You can see in this video, Rick is painting a river in real time.

Did Rick Sell His Paintings?

Yes, Rick’s paintings are still available on the internet. You can visit this link and buy it if you like his work.

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