Nimblz Cause of Death Revealed: What Happened to the Roblox Creator?

Austin Reuschle aka Nimblz

The entire Roblox community was shocked in May of 2020, when a close friend of the famous content creator Nimblz made a post mentioning that he had died.

Not only was Nimblz a YouTuber, but also a Roblox developer who had participated in the accelerator program. Keep reading if you wish to learn more about the mystery surrounding Nimblz’s death.

Who Was Nimblz?

Austin Reuschle used the gamertag “Nimblz” while working on a comedy-adventure game called Eg!. This is a social game in Roblox where you control an egg-shaped character with a face and legs. Nimblz also has a YouTube channel that was created in 2009, with 3.45k subscribers.

However, the channel currently has just one video titled “Spinny”. The Roblox community loved Nimblz for his contribution as a developer. After creating Eg! Nimblz formed a group called “sno bro” with three other developers.

And he released the fighting game Sno Day in which players can throw snowballs at each other to collect points. Everything Nimblz did during his time as a developer was centered around helping other people have fun. He wasn’t the type of content creator who did it for money or fame.

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Nimblz enjoyed making games, and inspired several more to start their journey as game developers.

He often interacted with fans on his Twitter account, and loved snowboarding ever since he was a child. Austin’s love for snow and cold weather is what inspired him to make Eg and Sno Day.

How Did Nimblz Die?

On the 26th of May 2020, one of Nimblz’s friends (Binzy) posted that he had died. Thousands within the Roblox community were deeply saddened to hear this news. And Nimblz’s family specifically requested that no information be published regarding the details of his death.

If you wish to respect his family’s decision, I suggest you not read any further. But for those who really want to know what happened, it was a case of suicide caused by depression. This was revealed by a time-delayed post from Nimblz’s own Twitter account on the 31st of May 2020.

The post contained a heartfelt goodbye from Nimblz to all of his fans, stating that he loved the community more than anything else. Another note was posted by Nimblz on GitHub, which came out at the same time as the tweet. It was taken down by GitHub immediately.

When Did Nimblz Die?

Based on the scheduled tweet posted by Nimblz, we can confirm that he took his own life on the 17th of May 2020. People found out about it 9 days later from his friend Binzy. And the scheduled tweet containing his farewell message came on the 31st of May.

Where Did Nimblz Die?

This is not clear even to this day, as nobody has the details on exactly where Nimblz took his own life.

However, it is clear that he was struggling with deep and personal issues that haunted him to the point where he was forced to commit suicide. His farewell message doesn’t contain any details on the last place he visited.

And Austin’s family didn’t speak any further on the matter, choosing to keep it under wraps. I can only imagine how harrowing of an experience it must have been for a family, events like these arrive with no warning. You never know if a person is depressed or in anguish, until its too late.

How Old Was Nimblz When He Died?

Nimblz died at the age of 21, he was born in July 1998. While every unnatural death is tragic, it’s even more unnerving when such a young life is lost. Fortunately for all of us, there are still plenty of memories to remember him by.

The games that Nimblz created and the love he had for his fans will never be forgotten. His name is etched forever into the codebase of Roblox, alongside many other legendary content creators.

Nimblz Personal Life

Not much is known about his personal life, other than his love for snow which inspired him to make games such as Eg and Sno Day.

Nimblz dedicated his time as a developer to creating fun experiences for people, games that anyone could appreciate regardless of their cultural background or socioeconomic position.

And that’s why he chose Roblox as a platform, it allowed him to create simple but fun and easily accessible games for millions around the world.

Nimblz Net Worth

I couldn’t find any solid information on Nimblz’s net worth, but it’s unlikely to be substantial given the type of games he made. Eg and Sno Day are literally indie games made by a passionate developer with minimal funds who just wanted to do something cool.

Some estimates value Nimblz’s net worth at $200k, but there is no way to verify if this information is true.

Nimblz FAQ

Who created Sno Day?

Sno Day was made by a team of 4 called the “sno bro” group. It was comprised of Nimblz, zKevin, degnut, and Lunya.

What did Nimblz die of?

He took his own life, and it’s believed by many that Nimblz was suffering from severe depression. The exact details of how he did it or why are unclear, but Nimblz himself wrote a time-delayed tweet as a final goodbye to everyone he knew.

What kind of games did Nimblz make?

Nimblz made goofy adventure games that had a certain low-budget charm to them. These were simple, and easy to enjoy- making them ideal for people of all ages.

Eg is a game about characters that look like eggs and sno day is a game about snowmen who fight each other with snowballs.

What kind of childhood did Nimblz have?

Not much is known about his childhood, other than the fact that he was born Austin Chad Reuschle in Washington, D.C. In 2002, when Nimblz was just 4 years old, his family moved to Friuli-Venezia Giulia in the northeastern part of Italy.

This part of the world is famous for its snow-covered peaks, which is how Nimblz ended up loving cold weather and snowboarding.

Nimblz wanted to visit Alaska. He studied computer programming at Pensacola State College and did an internship in game development at the Roblox Corporation in 2019.

What pronouns did Nimblz use ?

While he was born a male and never underwent any sex change surgeries, Nimblz preferred they/ them pronouns (visible on his Twitter bio). So he was non-binary.

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