How Did Weste Ross Erickson From Terror In The Woods Die?

Weste Ross Erickson

On 23 January 2017, Weste Erickson passed away at his home in Auburn. He was buried at Maple Valley. The circumstances that led to his death are unknown to date. His obituary too was silent on what really killed Weste. He was 34 at the time of his death.

Who was Weste Erickson?

Weste Erickson was born in Sekiu, Washington, where his parents run the Pysht Pottery business. He later moved to Arizona but came back to Port Angeles.

He was also a member of the Public Schools Employee Union.

He was an IT specialist at Tahoma Middle School. He was the kind of person that made everyone comfortable and went out of his way to ensure that he had you covered. He was adored by his colleagues and students alike.

Who were Weste Erickson’s family members?

Weste Erickson is survived by his parents Karen and Ron Erickson, his step father Scott Nangle, his younger brothers Lincoln and Thomas and his sister Emma.

Weste’s family loved camping and hiking and it was a hobby passed down in their family line.

In which episode of The Terror In The Woods was Weste featured?

Season 1, Episode 2: Cabin in the Woods and Bigfoot Encounter.

Weste and his friend James take a detour while travelling for their friend’s wedding. They put up in an abandoned cabin in the woods from where a night of terror ensues with paranormal encounters lasting throughout the night.

What was “Terror In The Woods” about?

It is an 18 episode paranormal series that follows true accounts of people who ventured deep into the woods only to come out screaming with harrowing experiences. Most of their stories of the mysterious woods defy reality and leave the audiences with more questions than answers.

The docudrama combines the interviews with cinematic re-enactments to bring alive the experiences of hunters becoming the hunted.

The thrilling episodes leave you glued in the quest to discover if the victims escaped or how it ended.

Is Terror in the Woods based on a true story?

The series features real life stories of people who are in search of a wilderness adventure only to be met by paranormal encounters in the wild.

What channel is Terror In The Woods viewed on?

It is viewed in The Travel Channel.

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