How Did Simon Die in Lord of the Flies? What Really Happened to Him in the Novel?

Simon was killed by his friends Ralph and Piggy due to a misunderstanding. Simon was mistaken to a hypothetical beast existing on the island, but even with his meaningful efforts in defending himself and reminding them who he is, he still got killed.

The two boys were in a frenzy and wild state after going on a feast and suddenly start to see a shadow in the forest. However, they did not recognize Simon, and they did not pay attention to anything he would say, so they start to attack him with their bare hands and teeth, believing he is the beast.

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After being attacked and killed, Simon’s corpse was swept away by the ocean.

Who Was Simon?

Simon was introduced in Lord of the Flies as one of Jack’s choir, being a shy and empathetic boy, always helping others. Ironically, he was also helping Ralph with the shelters and Piggy when he used to be bullied, even if he fainted when he first met them.

Simon was the first character who suspected that the island had a negative impact on people, when he heard that the younger boys have nightmares and some others have visions. He was also the only person who states that the beast was not real, and he is the only character mature and wise enough to understand the difference between good and evil.

How Was Simon’s Physical Appearance?

Simon was a small boy, with dark hair and eyes and was described as a ‘skinny vivid boy with a glance coming up from under a hut of straight hair that hung down, black and coarse’, but he was also said to have health problems like epilepsy and seizures.

How Was Simon’s Personality?

Simon was seen as funny, but very strange, because of his shy, introvert and sensitive nature, as well as his fragile health. He has good morals and has firm convictions that good conquers evil, which makes him a good and spiritual person.

He is caring, kind and unselfish. Due to his introvert tendencies though, he sometimes had problems expressing his thoughts effectively and has a limited ability speaking in front of a crowd, especially when the audience has such a low level of maturity.

Simon also suffers from anxiety and post-traumatic stress. Even if he is perceived strange by his mates, we are sure that in the eyes of the reader, he gets all the credit for the intelligence and wisdom.

What Does Simon’s Character Symbolize?

In the book, Golding describes Simon as a ‘innate, spiritual human kindness that is deeply connected with nature’ making his the only character who manages to keep his humanity on the island, while others turn savage and abandon their morals.

The symbol of the “beast” represents in fact the evil existing in every character, and Simon is the only one who senses that all the other members will turn into violent and savage persons. Overall, Simon is the ‘voice’ of wisdom and truth, which unfortunately, everyone ignores it.

Was Simon a Good Person?

Yes, we can say that he is the only character with positive features. Even if he is not the leader, he should be though.

Apart from his kindness and his love for helping others, he is smart, wise and he sees things clearly. In his strong connection with nature, he does not lose his humanity and neither abandons his principles and morals.

What Are Simon’s Goals?

Simon wants to help others and want to share his beliefs and wisdom, but he is considered too odd and maybe even insane. He likes bonding, but unfortunately no one shares his vision and understands him.

His character portrays the gift of ‘seeing’ and has a depth in understanding things that others cannot. This is the main reason why he is considered to be the most mysterious and complex character.

What Does Simon’s Death Symbolize?

Simon’s death represents the quick road from civilization to savagery and social break down. Just like wild animals, which do not listen to people or understand anything they say and kill for survival, the boys who killed Simon shared the same behavior, acting upon their animal instincts.

Simon’s death is also compared to the one of Jesus, due to his firm beliefs, compassion and desire to save others.

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