How Did Yukine Die? What Happened To Him In Noragami?


This has been one of the mysteries of The Noragami series. Throughout his childhood, there is a lot that points to Yukine having been a victim of abuse.

One sad day, after Yukine had received a senseless beating from his dad, he was taken to the mountains and locked up in a refrigerator while still alive. Eventually he passed away from suffocation.

Was Yukine’s father an alcoholic?

Various scenes in the animation depicted Yukine’s father as an alcoholic. Yukine’s mother and sister had escaped due to the constant abuse heaped upon them time and time again.

Is Yukine Alive?

Yukine didn’t live or reincarnate into any human form but lives on as a spirit haunted by the memories of his father’s torture on him and the mountain where he was abandoned. His spirit wanders far away from anything that reminds him of his father. He took the form of an illuminated snowflake.

Was Yukine jealous of Nora?

Nora was Yato’s Regalia for a longer period than Yukine. Yukine always felt that since Nora had more experience than him, Yato needed him more and this led him to be jealous of her.

Who was Yukine?

Yukine was Yato’s Shinki and was also known as Sekki. His real name was Haruki Tajima and was one of the three main protagonists of the Noragami series.

What is the meaning of Yukine?

Yuki means “snow” while Yukine means “The sound of Snow”.

What is Yukine most afraid of?

He is afraid of darkness, a fact attributed to his being enclosed in a fridge in his human form as is shown in Chapter 79.

Was Yukine a Regalia?

Yukine was a very powerful Regalia. At his first try, he was able to create a Boundary which according to Yato was unheard of. Most had to practice severally before succeeding.

Who voiced Yukine in Noragami?

Micah Solusod is the English voice of Yukine and Yuki Kaji is Japanese voice in the television series, Noragami.

What is Yukine’s main power?

His main power is restraint. Yukine is able to cast a binding restraint on a target almost effortlessly using invisible chains.

What is Noragami about?

Noragami is a Japanese manga series revolving around a minor god teaming up with a human girl he saved. He is desperate to get a large team of worshippers.

Noragami was the 14th top selling manga series in Japan during the First half of 2014.

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