Daichi’s Death – Is It Real?

Daichi Sawamura is a key character of ‘Haikyū!!’, an anime and manga set around a school’s volleyball club. Though the anime/manga themselves are relatively light-hearted, there is a running discussion and joke amongst fans that Daichi dies in the show. So, does that happen?

The short answer is no. In the series, Daichi is at one point knocked unconscious during a volleyball match. Though no doubt left with a cracking headache and perhaps some embarrassment, these injuries aren’t fatal to Daichi and he remains alive for the remainder of the series (to date!).

Who Is Daichi?

Daichi was born on December 31 1994, to parents who are unnamed in ‘Haikyū!!’. Initially, he attended Izumitate Junior High, alongside fellow protagonists Hayato Ikejiri and Yui Michimiya. 

Daichi and Ikejiri play on a volleyball team together (with Daichi serving as team captain), but they (unfortunately!) aren’t all that good. This doesn’t phase Daichi though, and he frequently tries to inspire and rouse the team, despite their frequent match losses.

When Daichi finishes junior high, he enrolls in Karasuno High and jois the boys’ volleyball team.

He once again refuses to let the team’s weakness get the better of him, and is determined to improve the volleyball team and players. Alongside fellow players Sugawara and Asahi, Daichi researches various tactics and works on improving his moves and plays. He inspires the other teammates, and the players rally together.

Sadly though, the team still loses their first match of the Interhigh tournament. Their team captain explains that they rallied together too late, and that the road to victory was too long now to be travelled.

This still doesn’t dampen Daichi’s spirits though, and he continues to work on improving his volleyball skills and inspire his teammates.

What Volleyball Positions Has Daichi Played?

Throughout the series, Daichi has played a number of volleyball positions.

At one point, he plays ‘opposite hitter’: also named ‘right-side hitter’, this position focuses on both offense and defense – an impressive set of versatile skills!

Daichi then plays ‘outside hitter’: this position blocks and hits on the court’s frontal left side. 

Finally, he also plays the role of ‘volleyball captain’: a crucial person to a volleyball game (and let’s be honest, any team sport at all!), the captain liaises between their team and the coaches. They must remain as impartial impossible, and confer with the game’s referees when needed. In addition, they also toss a coin with the other team’s captain at the beginning of the match, in order to see which team chooses their court side and which team serves first.

Who Else Is On The Volleyball Team?

There are a multitude of players on Karasuno High’s volleyball team.

These are: Shoyo Hinata, Tobio Kageyama, Kei Tsukishima, Tadash iYamaguchi, Koushi Sugawara, Yuu Nishinoya, Asahi Azumane, Ryunosuke Tanaka, Hitoka Yachi, Chikara Ennoshita, Kiyoko Shimizu (team manager), and of course, Daichi Sawamura himself.

What Does Daichi Look Like?

Daichi has dark eyes and dark, short hair. He is muscular, but not particularly tall. He has a calming and mature aura, which  lends itself well to his time serving as the team’s captains. He most often has a warm smile on his face – but don’t be fooled, he can get angry when he needs to!

What Is Daichi’s Personality Like?

Daichi is a warm, mature and amiable person, who is compassionate and understanding towards his teammates. His passion for volleyball rings true, and this can cause him to be quite strict with his teammates and even seriously angry at times. 

Daichi is independent and can easily think as a leader, often suggesting methods of improving the team and even recruiting Kiyoko Shimizu as the team’s captain.

Despite all these mature and collected traits though, Daichi does have his childish side too (as we all do!). While in a skirmish with the captain of Karasuno High’s boys’ basketball team, he accidentally sets off the emergency bell during lunch-time.

So… Daichi Doesn’t Die?

Daichi doesn’t die! He just gets his body and pride injured during a volleyball game.

Takeru Nakashima is a volleyball player, and the captain of Wakutani Minami High’s volleyball team. While in a match against Karasuno High, he hits the ball and Daichi gives chase to it. Daichi manages to save it, and then follows the ball to get a final hit in. So focused is he on his goal that Daichi doesn’t notice Tanaka standing right in his pathway. Daichi just about manages to send the ball over the net (and Takeru in turn misses the save), but collides with Tanaka in the process.

The collision knocks Daichi unconscious, and this led fans to joke that he “died”. 

This is especially funny considering the anime is relatively light-hearted and without mortalities, and Daichi’s “death” remains a running joke throughout ‘Haikyū!!’ even still.

Is ‘Haikyū!!’ Still Going?

The manga of ‘Haikyū!!’ wrapped up in 2020, but the anime of same is still ongoing. The pandemic has delayed the show’s release of season five, but it is hoped to release some time in 2022.

See you soon, Daichi!

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