How Did Minato Die in Naruto? What Happened To Him?

Minato dies protecting his infant baby, Naruto, during the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox’s Attack. As Kushina, his wife, was the Jinchuuriki of the Nine-tailed Fox, Minato tried to strengthen Kushina’s seal since it was weakening, but a beast interrupted this process, kidnapping the new born Naruto.

Even if Minato manages to rescue Naruto, he breaks the chakra in half using the Dead Demon Consuming Seal and places it on his son in order to protect him. Minato’s soul was further consumed by the Shinigami (the Death God in the series), ending Minato’s life.

Who was Minato in Naruto series?

Minato is the main character in the Naruto manga anime. He was a feared ninja, a legendary shinobi and the Fourth Hokage of Konohagakure (a title he obtained after fighting in Third Shinobi World War). He is Kushina’s husband and Naruto’s father.

What was Minato’s appearance like?

According to his master, Jiraiya, he is considered a very handsome man. He is tall with blue eyes and blonde hair. He always wears a standard Konoha uniform with two bands on his sleeves on top of his green jacket.

After he becomes Hokage, he switched his outfit by wearing a white robe tied with a thin orange rope. Besides this, we can see him wear a blue forehead protector and blue sandals on his feet.

What were Minato’s skills and abilities?

In Japanese, the term shinobi refers to a powerful ninja with strong military abilities. Shinobis were expected to be loyal to their village and in time of war to defend it with the price of their lives.

The main characteristic of a shinobi was the ability of manipulating chakras in order to create different techniques. Minato, was one of the most powerful and respected shinobi, a master of great speed, acute reflexes and remarkable skills in sensor arts (he was able to detect enemies’ presence just by touching the ground with his finger).

Not many know this, but Minato completed a total of 847 missions as a shinobi.

What is Minato’s Personality like?

Minato was a friendly man and a loving husband. A very intelligent person, he gained the reputation of a feared and respected man. Even if sometimes he took advantage of this, Minato too showed respect to his opponents.

He would not interfere in other persons’ personal affairs unless it was really necessary and he was not the type of person to get upset on anyone.

He loved his wife and son very much, and he showed a deep sense of care and protection for both of them during the Hidden Clouds Ninjas and the Nine-Tailed Demon Attack.

How important was family to Minato?

So far, we know how important it was for Minato to be a ninja and master his abilities. His title made him who he was and was part of his identity.

But on the other hand, when he was not completing his duties fighting in battles and protecting his village in wars, Minato was a really caring and affectionate person. Family was the balance and equilibrium for Minato: he was tough and merciless on the field, but loving and caring with his close ones.

When he first saw Kushina, he fell in love with her right away, being amazed by her red hair and wild strength. After Kushina too becomes a ninja and is kidnapped by the Kumogakure forces, it was Minato who rescued her.

Ever since that moment, Minato and Kushina started to form a couple, and Kushina offered to keep the Nine-Tails sealed within her at bay.

Later on, Minato and Kushina got married, sharing the same love, affection and sense of protection they had since the beginning of their story.

What is Minato’s legacy?

While Minato was serving as Jiraiya’s apprentice, he thought that Minato was one of the most gifted and strongest shinobi that ever existed. His abilities and skills were so advanced, that it was believed that no one could surpass him.

His exceptional skills made Jiraiya believe he might be the Child of Prophecy, a person that someday might save the world. But at the moment of his death, he believed that Naruto could be this person and asks the people of the village to consider Naruto a hero.

So, at the moment of his death, he wanted to pass all his skills and abilities to his son, trusting that he would be even stronger than he was.

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