Does Armin Die in Attack on Titan? Get the Answer Here!

Armin Arlert is a main character in Attack on Titan. In season 3 episode 18 of the show (titled “Midnight Sun”), Armin came extremely close to death – leading many terrified fans to believe he was truly dead.

Thankfully, he was rescued by his friend and comrade, Levi. Armin was injected with Titan serum that saved him from near-death and turned him into a Titan.

Who Is Armin?

He was born on November 3rd in the Shiganshina District. As a boy, Armin was mild-mannered and timid and was severely bullied. He found it difficult to fight back, and this resulted in a lifelong friendship with Eren Yeager, who stood up for him. The two bonded over feeling outcast and wanting to see the world beyond the Walls (thanks to a book from Armin’s grandfather).

After Titans flood his homeland, Armin moves into a settlement with Eren and when the two become of age, they join the 104th Training Corps to fight against the Titans and see the world.

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At Trost, Armin and Eren’s group is ambushed by Titans. Armin and Eren survive, but a Titan tries to eat Armin. Eren, struck by how Armin had inspired him to want to see the sights of the world, flings Armin out of the Titan’s mouth – horrifyingly, the Titan eats him instead.

Armin is devastated, but then witnesses Eren emerge from the Titan’s nape.

Eren has turned into a Titan, and Armin uses his intellectual and strategic skill to convince the rest of the Corps not to execute him. He also reminds Eren (who is at crisis point) of what they’re fighting for, helping him to calm down.

This incredible show of strategic and intellectual skill helps Armin realise that though he is not physically gifted, his intellectual skills are very useful and more than worthy. This realization leads Armin to join the Survey Corps.

What Does Armin Do In The Survey Corps?

Armin is vital in discovering the identities of the Titan infiltrators.

After the Survey Corps accepts Eren and his Titan form (thanks to Armin and his persuading), the Corps is accused of trying to monopolize Eren’s Titan powers and they are arrested. Armin and Squad Levi (the Special Operations Squad) escape, and Armin plans out their defensive attack, once again showing his strategic talent.

At Shiganshina, they encounter Bertolt, an enemy. Armin reminds everyone that they should attempt to negotiate with him instead of rushing to attack – strategizing once more (he really is very good at it!). This doesn’t work however, and Bertolt takes his Colossal Titan form. This leads to Armin’s near death, and his own transformation into a Titan.

What Does Armin’s Human Form Look Like?

Armin has a young-looking face, with hazel eyes, a small pointed nose, and blond hair with bangs over his forehead. He has defined eyebrows and sideburns, which help indicate his age.

Armin mostly wears the standard Survey Corps soldier outfit: a short brown jacket, white collared button-up shirt, white trousers, brown belt and brown boots.

Armin has worn the black uniform of the Survey Corps on night raids, and also wears a large green cape when taking part in missions outside the Walls.

What Does Armin’s Titan Form Look Like?

Armin’s first Titan form, a Pure Titan, shared similar traits with Armin’s human form. Blond hair reached its shoulders, and it had a relatively small body (for a Titan!) with no lips, black eyes, a skeletal nose and very skinny arms. Its ribs were visible through its skin.

Armin’s Colossus Titan form is entirely skinless and extremely tall.

What Is Armin Like?

Armin was very timid as a young boy, and relied on Eren and Mikasa to protect and defend him. He was not physically gifted and was quite frail, and this led him to have very low self-esteem.

Armin has always been eager to prove himself, and values his friends’ lives much more highly than his own – often sacrificing himself to dangerous situations in order to save them.

Armin is curious – it was this curiosity that helped him decide to join the Military, as he was desperate to see a world beyond the Walls. Despite being curious though, he is still very analytical, thinking deeply about situations and strategizing solutions.

He is a very skilled tactician, and a key member of the Corps. 

He is still highly emotionally sensitive and empathic: for example, killing somebody leaves him deeply upset, even when it’s the most logical action to take.

How Does Armin (Almost) Die?

Armin almost dies in a battle with Bertolt. After Eren And Armin fool Bertolt with a ruse and enable Eren to escape the scene, Armin sacrifices himself by clinging to the Colossus Titan’s teeth. Bertolt breathes a giant wave of heat and smoke, and Armin struggles to breathe. Bertolt takes pity on Armin and admires his selflessness, and emits another huge wave of boiling heat to kill him quickly.

Armin is presumed dead by friends and fans alike, but thankfully hears him faintly breathing. Levi grapples with the decision of choosing either Armin or Erwin to save with the one injection of Titan serum that he has, and chooses Armin in the end.

He injects Armin with the serum, and Armin is transformed into a Pure Titan.

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