How did Julianne Hough’s Dogs Die? What Actually Happened?

Julianne Hough was very saddened by the death of her dogs, Lexi and Harley, in September 2019. For several weeks she mourned the death of her dogs and didn’t post on her social media accounts.

However, in an interview on Danica Patrick’s podcast, she managed to speak about the loss and the nightmares she experienced after the death of her dogs.

Her two dogs tragically died on the same day, and she later posted a very moving tribute on her Instagram account.

What Happened to Hough’s Dogs?

In October 2019, Hough was mourning the demise of her two dogs, Lexi and Harley. According to a report she posted on her Instagram account, the dogs passed away on the same date which was on September 28, 2019.

However, Hough did not reveal the real cause of their death, but there were some rumors that one dog succumbed to cancer while coyotes attacked the other.

Why Did Hough Take Time to Heal?

According to Hough, the death of her two favorite dogs was very traumatic, and she needed time to grieve. It was apparent that she had lost her girls, and she went through a process of separation.

Hough also went through another sad event as she split from her husband Brooks Laich in May 2020, and their divorce was finalized in November 2020.

Hough further said that she was going through various losses and her main goal was to separate from people who were hurting her.

Did Hough Treat Her Dogs Like Children?

In a message that she posted on her Instagram, she referred to her dogs as babies and stated that she had a very sentimental connection to them. Her brother, Derek Hough, also posted a very emotional message on his Instagram page and noted that the dogs brought many beautiful memories to the family.

Who is Hough in the Entertainment Industry?

Hough is a renowned American singer, songwriter, and dancer. In the year 2007, she joined the cast of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars as a dancer, winning two seasonsAfter leaving the Show in 2009, she returned in 2014 as a judge. She held the position of a judge up to 2017.

While working as a permanent judge on the show, she received various nominations. She is also a known actor and has featured in multiple films such as the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s StoneRock of AgesSafe Haven, and America’s Got Talent.

When Did Hough Separate From Her Husband?

Hough and Laich announced their separation in May 2020, and in November 2020, Hough filed for divorce. Their marriage had only lasted for three years before the divorce.

Before announcing their separation, they had been quarantined separately during the Coronavirus pandemic. Hough stayed in the Los Angeles home while Laich remained in Idaho.

According to reliable sources, the couple had tried to reconcile before making their separation public. Laich commented that he is ready for the next step in his life, although it might be difficult.

However, according to recent reports, Hough might be ready to date again. She recently took an adventurous trip to Italy and enjoyed time with her family. Later she shared that she was planning to reunite with her loved ones. During moments with her family, she revealed that she was starting a new life.

Hough has been spotted with model Charlie Wilson. Although not much is known about them, they may be dating as per speculation. The two kissed, hugged, and joked when they were picking food. Although the steamy photos have circulated the internet, the two have not officially confirmed the rumors.

What is Hough’s Current Net Worth?

Hough has been wowing fans with her undeniable talent since the early 2000s. She has managed to stay in the spotlight for many years and thus earned impressive net worth.

According to some reliable sources, her net worth is $ 10 million.

Hough has been a household name ever since she debuted on the Show Me the Money, a 2006 ABC game. Also, her role as a judge in Dancing With the Stars made her build her career and gather more wealth.

She has been a consistent singer, actor, and dancer, making her have a massive following on social media.

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