How Did Dalton Frank Die? What Really Happened To This Teenager?

Dalton Frank

Dalton Frank took his own life due to a bullying incident he faced. The Funeral Service of Dalton Frank was at Kempker Arena in Eugene, Missouri on February 14, 2022 and the internment was at Hawthorn Memorial Gardens, Missouri.

Could Dalton Frank’s Death Have Been Stopped?

After Dalton’s untimely death, his paternal grandmother reached out to Dalton’s school in the form of a petition, seeking a discussion with the local school board about bullying in May.

The Cole County R-V School District, which handles media inquiries for the school did not respond.

It may have been too late to save Dalton’s life, but it was still not too late to save others from falling into the same trap, if a discussion around the bullying topic could have been initiated.

Who Was Dalton Frank?

Dalton Thomas Wayne Frank was born on May 5, 2008, in Jefferson City.

He was an active student and a member of the Eugene Shooting Sports Club, archery club and youth baseball. He was also a member of the Eugene FFA Chapter. He committed suicide as a result of bullying.

Who Were Dalton Frank’s Parents?

Dalton was the son of Shawn Thomas Frank and Ashley Adale Gilbert. He had a sister named Maggie Elizabeth Frank and two step brothers named Nathaniel Hugh Parsons Gilbert and Casey Allen Dean Gilbert, both of Farmington.

What Was Dalton Frank’s Best Hobby?

Dalton Frank loved semi-trucks and spent a lot of his time working on them with his uncle and father.

He went on to learn how to polish the aluminum wheels and as a talented artist, he drew pictures of semi-trucks, mementos which the family now treasure in his memory.

What Was The Truckers’ Tribute About?

On the date of his burial, a convoy of more than 200 trucks in Central Missouri did a procession on Highway 54 from Eugene to Jefferson City in honor of the 13 year old Dalton Frank who loved trucks and often told his uncle that he one day had wanted to be part of a truck convoy.

What Message Was Passed About Dalton Frank’s Death?

Dalton’s uncle, Carey Frank told The Daily Beast, “This is just about a 13- year old boy who was bullied.” The fellow truckers who did the convoy said they were seeking to convey the message about bullying which is what drove the eighth grader to take his own life on February 14, 2022.

“It’s kind of ‘Truckers Against Bullying’,” Carey Frank went on to say.

What Lessons Did Dalton Frank’s Death Bring Up?

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Dalton’s uncle Carey Frank discussed the importance of there being an open forum to discuss bullying and its consequences. 

He stressed that the modern form of bullying was more intense and deep because of social media. He compared it to the past years when, “If someone started a rumor or something happened, you had six hours or so to quash it before the end of the day. And now, a confrontation happens, a click of a switch, and it’s viral. It’s all over….They say it’s gotten pretty bad.”

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