How Did Fat Albert Robertson Die? What Happened To This Iconic Character From Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids?

Fat Albert Robertson

Albert Robertson was the main male character in the Fat Albert Show. Despite weighing a little over 200 pounds, he was very active and loved sports.

His sudden death caught all his fans by surprise. He collapsed on a street in Newark and died from a heart attack. The hospital spokesperson, Pat Johnson said it was related to his obesity.

What was Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids about?

It was a an animated series that followed various adventures of a group of black American kids living in the slums of Philadelphia. It was set in the 70s and aired on CBS. It highlighted the challenges they faced. It aired on Saturday mornings. The production lasted for 12 years.

What Killed Albert Robertson?

“Fat Albert”, the main Protagonist of the Fat Albert Show, died of a heart attack at St Michael’s hospital in Newark. He collapsed on a street and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Was Fat Albert obese?

He weighed over 200 pounds. The hospital spokesperson attributed this to be the cause of his death.

How did the real Fat Albert die?

The sad news of Fat Albert’s death spread across all networks on March 23, 1985. He was only 35.

Questions lingered about what had happened. As tragedy would have it, Albert collapsed on the street and was rushed to St Micheals Hospital in Newark but never made it out alive. The hospital spokesperson gave a statement that he died as a result of a pulmonary embolism. He attributed his death to his overweight condition.

When was Fat Albert made?

The first episode date was on 9 September, 1972.

What happened to Albert Robertson?

At the tender age of 35 years, Albert Robertson met his untimely death. He collapsed at a street in Newark and died at St Micheals Hospital. The hospital’s spokesperson informed the family and friends that he had suffered and died from a heart attack.

What was Albert Robertson’s signature dressing?

“Fat Albert” loved wearing a red sweater on top of a white shirt and blue jeans. He had a black belt and white and red shoes.

Who was Albert Robertson?

Albert Robertson was the life behind the Junkyard Gang in the Fat Albert television cartoon series. He was the lead singer in the Junkyard Band, a talent attributed to his singing role in the Los Angeles church choir as a boy.

He was intelligent and had integrity. He was always there to lend a helping hand and never hesitated to seek advise from his parents or teacher.

Was Fat Albert’s character based on a real person?

The character of Fat Albert was based on Albert Robertson, a real-life child hood friend of the producer, Bill Cosby.

What was Fat Albert’s famous catchphrase?

Fat Albert was famously known for his hilarious trademark catchphrase “Hey Hey Hey…Its Fat Albert”.

What inspired the character Fat Albert?

The Fat Albert Show, which aired on Saturday mornings, was a series dedicated to Albert Robertson who was a very close childhood friend to Bill Cosby.

Who were the members of the Junkyard Gang?

Fat Albert, Mushmouth, Dumb Donald, Weird Harold Rudy and Russell. They hanged out in the neighborhood of Philadelphia.

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