How Did John Dutton’s Wife Die? What Really Happened To Evelyn Dutton?

Evelyn Dutton

Evelyn Dutton’s character is manifested using various flashbacks throughout the series, till her subsequent death. Beth Dutton, the daughter of Evelyn, blamed herself for her mother’s death and carried on that guilt through the whole series.

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Even though Mrs. Dutton had been a good mother, she had been very tough on Beth.

What Happened to John Dutton’s Wife?

A normal morning horse riding session turned tragic when a horse suddenly got spooked. Mrs. Dutton had gone for a ride with her daughter Beth and son Kayce.

A nervous Beth caused her horse to spook Mrs. Dutton’s horse, which led to her horse falling on top of her and crushing her. She later succumbed to her injuries.

Is John Dutton’s Wife Still Alive?

In one episode Beth was bathing in a trough while drinking champagne on her mother’s anniversary, and stated that her being scared, killed her mother. So, no John Dutton’s wife isn’t alive.

In what Episode Did John Dutton’s Wife Die?

The death of Evelyn Dutton was featured in the Yellowstone episode “No Good Horses” and through flashbacks we are shown how she died.

Who Played John Dutton’s Deceased Wife?

The role of John Dutton’s wife in Yellowstone is played by Gretchen Mol. She is renowned as an actress and former model.

What Was Yellowstone About?

Yellowstone is a television series that aired in 2018 and centers around the Dutton Family, owners of one of the biggest ranches in the United States of America.

Is Yellowstone Based On True Events?

Yellowstone is a purely fictional series. However, the film was shot on a real Montana ranch in the United States.

Additionally, according to Looper, the inspiration behind Yellowstone could be the Waggoner Family that owned the largest ranch in America in 1849, which has been passed through the successive generations.

Is Yellowstone The Same as 1883?

The film “1883” is set about 125 years before Yellowstone and takes us back to when and where the Duttons originated, while covering their journey from Texas to Montana, through until they purchased the ranch.

Who Was John Dutton?

John Dutton is the main protagonist in Yellowstone. He is the patriarch of the Dutton Family and has been managing the family ranch for years.

Who Played John Dutton in the Series Yellowstone?

John Dutton’s character is brought to the screen by the famous actor Kevin Costner.

What Is Kevin Costner’s Net Worth?

According to various sources, Kevin Costner is worth $300 Million as of 2022.

How Many Children Does John Dutton Have?

John Dutton has four children, namely Kayce, Beth, Lee and their adopted son, Jamie.

Is Kevin Costner’s Real Daughter a Character in Yellowstone?

On the show Yellowstone, though Kelly Reilly and Kevin Costner act as daughter and father, in reality she is not Costner’s child.

What Were Evelyn Dutton Dying Words?

Before her last breath, Mrs. Dutton stared at her daughter Beth and uttered, “She did this. Let her undo it.”

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