How Did Juan Die in Moonlight?

Juan from Moonlight

Juan’s death scene is not clearly depicted in the movie Moonlight. It is only explained through conversations that he has died. The audience is left to assume that Juan’s life was cut short by his drug dealing activities.

Though portrayed as dead in the movie, his immense influence lived on through Chiron, the main Protagonist in the movie.

What was Moonlight about?

The movie brings out the painful struggle that sexual orientation has on the identity of a young black boy, Chiron, growing up in Miami, Florida. The film follows him as a child, as a teenager and eventually as an adult.

Is Moonlight based on a true story?

Playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney told NBC News that Moonlight is based on his own experiences about coming to grips with his Queen identity and growing up in Liberty City, a neighborhood of Miami, Florida.

In what episode does Juan die?

Juan’s physical presence is only portrayed in the beginning of the movie. Only references to him are made and his inspiration on Chiron is felt throughout the movie.

Who was Juan in Moonlight?

Juan is a drug dealer in Miami, Florida. Juan’s character is only seen in the first act of the film. When he finds Chiron, a gay boy hiding from his friends, he takes him under his wing and helps him believe in who he was.

Juan made a great impact on Chiron’s life during the short time they met.

Young Chiron severally sought refuge at Juan’s home whenever he needed to escape from his broken home-life and abusive mother.

Why was Miami beach significant to Chiron?

After Chiron’s first encounter with Juan, most of their time was spent at the beach, where he taught young Chiron how to swim and instilled numerous life lessons in him.

The first time they made out with Kevin, it was also at the beach.

These memories ended up making the beach a safe haven for Chiron.

Who were Chiron’s parents?

Paula was Chiron’s mother in Moonlight. She was a drug addict and never lost a chance to insult Chiron.

Was Chiron’s mother supportive?

Chiron’s mother was aware of her son’s sexual orientation. She pointed out to Juan about the peculiar way in which Chiron carries himself, especially his feminine walking style.

Being a drug addict, though physically present, she was not emotionally available for Chiron.

Why did Juan feel guilty about Chiron’s mother?

In the last scene, Chiron asks Juan if he deals with drugs to which Juan replies in the affirmative. Juan feels guilty for being responsible for the drugs that have continuously affected Chiron’s mother negatively.

Did Juan have any impact on Chiron’s life?

Because of Juan’s lasting legacy, Chiron was finally able to live with himself and live freely. Chiron was able to go back to Miami, chose love and was able to fight back. Juan had given him hope and taught him that he always had a choice.

His words of wisdom continued to reassure Chiron whenever he felt alone and his transition from boyhood to manhood was made easier.

Who played Juan in Moonlight?

Juan was brought to life by actor Mahershala Ali. He was the first Muslim actor to ever receive an Academy Award. He won an oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Did Juan have a girlfriend?

Teresa was Juan’s girl friend. One could conclude that she was the mother figure that Chiron lacked.

Did Moonlight win any Award?

Moonlight won Best Pictures at the Oscars and Best Supporting Actor. This was attributed to the almost perfect cinematography and powerful acting.

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