Is Endeavor Dead in My Hero Academia?

Endeavor My Hero Academia

During the Paranormal Liberation War, Endeavor sustained serious injuries that led him to be admitted in hospital.

He was put under anesthesia and extensive surgery was performed on him.

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After he woke up from his anesthesia, he flashbacked on all the evil he had committed toward his family and openly cried in front of his children.

Who Killed Endeavor?

Dabi also known as Toya Todoroki, was finally revealed as Endeavor’s eldest son.

During the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, Dabi broadcasted a pre recorded video to the public, showing how his dad, Endeavour mistreated them as children.

While Shoto worked at forgiving his dad, Dabi on the other hand was consumed by hatred towards his father and vowed to destroy his reputation.

What is My Hero Academia About?

My Hero Academia is about a super hero series about a young boy, Izuku Midoriya, who was born without any superpowers. The story follows Izuku’s determination to become a super hero despite his shortcomings.

Who Was Endeavor?

Endeavor also known as Enji Todoroki was the main protagonist in the anime series My Hero Academia

He was famous for being the No 2 Pro- Hero with the highest number of solved cases in history and was a natural at defeating villains.

Why Was Shoto’s Quirk Unique?

Endeavor, Shoto’s father possessed a Fire Flame quirk while his mother possessed the Ice Quirk.

Shoto being their child, ended up possessing a quirk that allowed him to use both fire and Ice.

When Did Endeavor Find Out That Dabi Was His Brother?

While Shoto and the other heroes were fighting in Chapter 290, Dabi revealed himself by washing his black-dyed hair and announced his true name as Toya Todoroki.

In What Episode Did Endeavor Die?

The Paranormal Liberation War Arc was the eighteenth story Arc in My Hero Academia and began in Chapter 253 and was the final story.

Why Did Endeavor Abandon His Family?

With time, Endeavor looked back at his past and resolved to atone for his past sins. It was not as easy as he thought. His family was unwilling to forgive him and the society viewed him as villain.

He finally decided to create a new home for his family, where they can live together without his presence.

Was Endeavor Married?

Endeavor bore four children with a woman called Rei. Rei’s power came from the Ice Quirk she possessed.

Endeavor didn’t love Rei at first but arranged the marriage so that their offspring can possess her famous Ice quirk in addition to his fire quirk.

This was driven by his blind ambition to use his children to surpass All Time, the unbeaten No 1 Hero.

Why is Endeavor a Bitter Man?

Endeavor, going by Shoto’s description of him was a proud and ambitious man. His professional pride was injured when All Time retired prematurely. He felt all his life’s work had been wasted as he had been totally consumed by his desire to surpass All Time.

This forced him to take the mantle of All Time, a position he felt was a mere technicality and not acquired on merit.

Who Was Shoto?

Shoto was Endeavor’s third son and he believed him to possess a quirk that may one day make him the No 1 Pro-Hero.

Why Was Rei, Endeavor’s Wife in Hospital?

At the expense of his family, from a tender age, Endeavor put Shoto through a rigorous training regimen in an attempt to teach him how to master his powerful quirk.

In the process, he ended up mercilessly abusing and mistreating his wife Rei and the children. Rei ended up in a mental hospital after suffering a mental breakdown.

After a while, Rei recovered from the abuse and was seen to accidentally harm Shoto, by throwing boiling water in his face.

Was Endeavor a Changed Man?

All the training he gave to Shoto appeared to be in vain. His dream of Shoto one day surpassing the No 1 Hero, All time, was dashed when All time retired early.

This gave Endeavor the opportunity to reflect on his past actions as a hero and family man. He finally decided to be a good family man that his family would be proud of.

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