How Did Jake Phelps Die?

Jake Phelps

Jake Phelps started skating at a very early age. His prowess and physical fitness would never allow one a moment to think of him dying at some point.

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On March 14 2019, San Francisco, California, a post on the Thrasher Instagram account announced Jake Phelps’s death but gave no details, other than saying that he was found dead.

What Happened to Jake Phelps?

Strange as it may seem, as famous as Jake Phelps was, his death came “easy” and left more questions than answers.

He was 56 at the time of his demise.

How Was Jake Phelps buried?

Jake Phelps was cremated with his skateboard.

Who Was Jake Phelps?

Jake Phelps, also known as James Kendall “Jake” Phelps was born on 24 September, 1962 in San Francisco, California, USA.

He was an American skateboarder and editor in chief of the Thrasher Magazine for 27 years. From 1993 to 2018, as editor of Thrasher, Phelps was in charge of picking the Skater of The Year (SOTY).

Who Was Jake Phelps’s Family?

Jake was the first child to Kitty and Kendall Phelps. He also had a younger sister named Marie. At some point his parents split up and Jake left to live with his mother in Massachusetts.

Was Jake A Musician?

Jake Phelps played the lead guitar in the Bad Shit Band from 2005 where they toured both in the United States of America and internationally.

What Was Jake Phelps’s Net Worth?

Jake Phelps’ net worth is currently at 3 Million dollars according to

Why Was Jake Phelps Famous?

Jake Phelps was mostly known for being the chief editor of Thrasher Magazine where his deep knowledge of everything skateboarding brought about a certain order to the skateboarding world which is notorious for hating any authority.

What Was Jake Phelps’s Personality?

Jake was both loved and hated in the skateboarding world. He was well known for his abrasive and annoying attributes. Those who knew him personally like his sister Marie say “he was a vulnerable, deep, thoughtful person.”

Has Jake Phelps Ever Had A Brush With Death?

In July 2017, while skating during an unpermitted event, Jakes suffered a serious head injury that nearly took his life.

For most of his life he suffered numerous skating accidents that perhaps led him to abusing pain medication and other substances.

What Did Jake Phelps’ Publisher Think of Him?

Tony Vitello, Jake Phelps’ publisher was quoted saying “Just as we need food and water to survive, Jake needed skateboarding to get his blood pumping. It was more than a hobby or a form of transportation for him – it was his oxygen.”

Who Started Thrasher Magazine?

Thrasher Magazine was founded in 1981 by two businessmen Eric Swenson and Fausto Vitello. It started as an undertaking to stimulate the sales of skateboarding hardware manufactured by the company Independent Trucks. Jake Phelps was promoted to chief editor by Fausto Vitello in 1993.

What Does Thrasher Magazine Stand For?

Thrasher Magazine is named after the word “Thrasher” that stands for an avid skateboarder in the skateboarding world. It thus stands for authentic and unrestricted skateboarding.

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