How Did Ella DeYoung Die? What Happened To This Athlete?

Ella DeYoung

Ella Ford DeYoung took her own life on 24 January 2022. She was 15 at the time of her untimely death.

Who was Ella DeYoung?

Ella DeYoung was born on October 11, 2006. She was a young gymnastics player who entered the world of gymnastics at the tender age of four years.

She started her training at Iron Cross in 2009 and swiftly progressed through the USAG Gymnastics Levels.

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Her devotion and hard work won her first place in Level 6 Jnr.

She was an empathetic girl who touched the lives of all those around her.

What advise did Coach McConnell have for the youth?

“One is too many. It’s tragic. If anyone is struggling, ask for help. There is no shame in it, we all need help.” These were words the golf coach Mc Connell added for anyone who harbored suicidal thoughts.

Who were the Falcon Family?

Foster High School where Ella schooled had a Falcon Golf team of which Ella was a member golfer.

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A week prior to the 2022 Falcon Invitational tournament, Ella took her life. On the morning of the tournament, the whole team held a remembrance black balloon release and wore black ribbons.

The function was held around the putting green behind the Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club’s Clubhouse.

What was Ella DeYoung’s educational background?

Ella attended Calvary Episcopal School in Richmond till her 8th grade graduation. She then proceeded to Foster High School.

Who were Ella DeYoung’s parents?

Shannon and Jason were Ella’s parents. Her siblings were Avery and Von.

What sports was Ella DeYoung involved in?

Ella was an all rounder when it came to sports. She excelled in vaulting, competitive volleyball and golf.

What were Ella’s achievements?

In 7th grade, Ella was elected student government leader.

She was CPR certified.

Ella also worked at Iron Cross Gymnastics helping kids find success in the sport she loved.

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