How Did Mapleshade Die?


Mapleshade being a vengeful villain, died as she was avenging her dead kits. A fatal bite at the back of her neck would later lead to her death.

Who Killed Mapleshade?

As fate would have it, Mapleshade lured an unwilling former mate, Appledusk into a fight. She killed Appledusk but was unprepared for what came next. Perchpaw, Appledusk’s loyal apprentice, leapt on her back and bit her neck leaving her with a deep gushing wound. She later succumbed to her injuries and died.

What were the names of Mapleshade’s kits?

Mapleshade had three kits, two sons Patchkit and Larchkit and a daughter, Petalkit.

Did Mapleshade go mad?

After been sent into exile as a punishment for breaking the Warrior Code, Mapleshade is heartbroken. Her anger turns to vengeance. She had constant dreams about her drowning kits, a thing that made her go insane.

The tragic death of Mapleshade

Mapleshade’s death was a shock to most fans. After surviving so many battles, most had gotten accustomed to her survival tactics. So it came as a shock when Mapleshade was ironically killed by a young inexperienced apprentice!

Who was the father of Mapleshade’ kits?

Appledusk fathered Mapleshade’s kits. They kept it a secret for sometime to avoid being discovered and punished by their clan.

Did Mapleshade deserve to die?

Mapleshade is loved and hated in equal measure. There are those who feel she deserved to die because of the many cats she had killed in her wake. Others feel that her death was unjustified, mainly because it was natural for her to seek revenge for her dead kits.

Was Mapleshade exiled from Thunderclan?

After Mapleshade disclosed who her kit’s father was, she was exiled from the clan. You see, Appledusk, the kits dad was guilty of killing their leader’s son, Birchface. The leader accused her of lying to her Clanmates and that she had betrayed the Warrior Code.

Was Mapleshade’s death an honorable one?

“Live by the sword, die by the sword”, is a saying that best describes Mapleshade’s death. She was a revered and brave warrior and she died fighting for what she loved, her kits.

Was Mapleshade evil?

Mapleshade was once a kind- hearted cat that was courageous and skilful. She commanded respect from her clanmates.

The banishment from her clan sealed her fate. “You have betrayed me and my kits. You will live to regret this day forever, Thunderclan, and that is a promise”. Since then, she lived to that promise, slaying anyone who crossed her path.

Why was Mapleshade so popular?

Her popularity rose from her villain character being forced by circumstances that are relatable to a majority, as opposed to being a villain just for the pleasure of it.

Who was Mapleshade?

Mapleshade was a Thunderclan warrior. She was ambitious, courageous and fought for what she believed in. She went against the Warrior Code and fell in love with Appledusk, a fellow Thunderclan warrior. This later led to her banishment from the clan, a verdict she didn’t take lightly.

What was Mapleshade’s appearance like?

Mapleshade was a large thick cat with brownish yellow eyes and a long and thick furry white tail. She had a huge scarred head with brown and his fur had white and black patches.

Who was Mapleshade’s Leader?

Oakstar is the leader of Thunderclan. He is a broad shouldered cat with amber eyes. He had a daughter and two sons. His wife was called Sweetbriar.

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