How Did Doug Falconer Die?

Doug Falconer

Doug Falconer passed on suddenly and without warning from an undisclosed condition on 25 July, 2021.

According to a report from Tim Baines of The Ottawa Sun, the former Canadian football League player turned Hollywood Producer passed away suddenly at the age of 69.

Who Is Doug Falconer?

Douglas John Falconer was born on 30 January 1952 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He was an avid sportsman and very talented in football, basketball, track & field and soccer.

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Despite the many sports he played, his favorite sport was football which he played for most of his university and adult life.

What Schools Did Doug Falconer Attend?

Doug Falconer split his high school years between Base Borden Collegiate Institute and La Salle Secondary School in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. In 1973, Falconer transferred to the University of Ottawa where he played in the football team.

Following his stint at university, he went on to play professional football in the Canadian Football League in 1976.

What Was Doug Falconer’s Most Famous Achievement?

In 2015, Doug Falconer was inducted into The University of Ottawa Football Hall of Fame and also as a member of the 1975 undefeated National Champion University of Ottawa Gee-Gees Football Team.

He was also inducted into The City of Ottawa hall of fame in the same year making this a rare attainment.

He was involved in the creation of The Football Alumni Association which provided a bond to the Gee-Gees legacy.

What was the Personality of Doug Falconer?

The chairman of The Ottawa Football Alumni Association Tom Casagrande, would describe him as, “He was fun-loving and generous. Everything he did was in the interest of how he could help people. He went at everything with all he had. Everybody loved being around him. He will be greatly missed.”

Who Was Doug Falconer’s Family?

Doug Falconer was born to Don and Mavis Falconer. His father had served in World War II. He had a twin brother and sister named Donny and Wendy Falconer respectively.

Doug Falconer is survived by his wife Louise and two daughters, Taber and Quinn.

What Saved Doug Falconer at the age of 48?

Neil Lumsden was Doug’s longtime friend. He remembered a story that Falconer had told him when he was 48 years of age, about a heavy pain that attacked him while playing in a hockey competition.

Falconer’s visit to a surgeon revealed he had suffered from a massive blockage of the main heart artery and his timely visit to the cardiologist was what had saved him from certain death.

What Was Doug Falconer’s Net Worth?

Douglas Falconer’s net worth was reported as being $13 million USD by

What Was Doug Falconer’s Life after Football?

After football, Doug Falconer moved to Los Angeles, California, United States of America and founded his production studio Falconer Pictures.

He produced more than 15 films starring major Hollywood stars like Keifer Sutherland, Nicholas Cage, Susan Sarandon, Donald Sutherland, Demi Moore among others. He died while working on a project with Mel Gibson and Scott Eastwood called “Dangerous.”

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