How Did Jerry Baker From 23 Blast Die?

Jerry Baker

Shortly after getting married, while Jerry Baker was working, he fell off a roof and got paralyzed from the waist down.

His death was as a result of complications resulting from the fall, as he suffered a traumatic brain injury. He later died on 26 May 2007. He was 26 years old.

Who was Jerry Baker?

Jerry Baker was born on 4 September, 1980 in USA. He was a quarterback and Travis Freeman’s childhood friend. He was instrumental in helping Travis fight off his depression after he lost his sight to a sinus infection, referred to as Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis. He visited him in hospital frequently and encouraged him to go back to football.

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Their paths unfortunately took different turns as Travis fought to overcome his tragedy and Jerry Baker ended up feeling sorry for himself and died in obscurity.

What did Jerry do after High School?

An interview with Jerry Baker’s mother, Vicki revealed that after High School, Jerry moved to Idaho where he met “The love of his life”. They later moved back to Kentucky in 2001 where they were blessed with their daughter Kailee Michelle.

Did Jerry Baker have children?

Jerry Baker left behind a five year old daughter named Kailee Michele. She was the joy of his life. His biggest accomplishment was watching his daughter grow into a beautiful girl.

What was 23 Blast about?

23 Blast is an American Sports drama film inspired by the true story of Travis Freeman. It follows Travis through his journey as he struggles to overcome his disability and resume playing the sport of football that he so loved.

Who were Jerry Baker’s parents?

Vicki and Big Jerry were Baker’s parents and they resided in Corbin, Kentucky. Baker has a sister named Trista Baker.

Was Jerry Baker involved with drugs?

Jerry Baker and Travis Freeman constantly met on the football field where they truly connected. As is common with High School students, teenage temptations are rampant.

Unfortunately Jerry Baker was unable to steer clear of the dark side of these temptations and started consuming beer and taking drugs. Soon he gets addicted and is unable to stop. Finally he ends up into depression, feeling sorry for himself.

Who did Travis Freeman end up marrying?

Travis Freeman eventually tied the knot with Stephanie Taylor on 25 July, 2015 in the Gatliff Chapel on The University of Cumberlands’ campus.

Did Jerry Baker suffer before his death?

After his fatal fall, Jerry Baker was in and out of hospital. He suffered from numerous infections, underwent multiple surgeries and also had his legs amputated.

He attributed his being alive despite all his suffering to his faith in God and the intense longing to see his child grow.

Is 23 Blast based on a true story?

23 Blast is based on the true story of Travis Freeman, a teenager growing up in Kentucky, who out of nowhere contracts bacterial meningitis leading to an operation that leaves him blind but alive.

What is Travis Freeman’s advise to people suffering from various disabilities?

He is constantly seen advising people that “Disability is not inability”. He goes on to say that, “We all face obstacles in our lives but they are not insurmountable. I want people to be inspired and encouraged and realize that they should not be defined by their circumstances.

What influence did Coach Farris have on Travis Freeman?

In Travis Freeman’s autobiography, “Lights Out”, Freeman says “Coach Farris believed in me before I believed in myself.”

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