How Did Kuina Die? What Really Happened To This One Piece Character?


Kuina accidentally fell off the stairs of the dojo and died instantly.

Was there more to Kuina’s death?

After Kuina defeated Zoro, her childhood friend and rival, they made a promise to each other that one of them would become the world’s strongest swordsman.

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She always believed her limitations as a girl made her not ascend. Her confidence received a boost and her sudden accidental death, the very next day, raised more questions than answers.

Who Killed Kuina?

Kuina’s death was attributed to fall off a staircase, a day after beating Zoro, her childhood rival in a fight.

Who was Kuina’s father?

Master Koshiro as he is commonly known was Kuina’s dad. He was a master swordsman and teacher. He owned the Isshin Dojo where he trained students on how to be swordsmen.

The mysterious death of Kuina

Just after her victorious win over Zoro, Kuina dies on the very next day. Her death was a result of falling off the stairs. Is that all there was to it?

Is Kiuna Still alive?

Koshiro, Kiuna’s dad is seen visiting Kuina’s grave as depicted in chapter 617 of One Piece, a true confirmation of her death. He places flowers, her practice sword and a newspaper next to her grave, which bore her names in Japanese.

Did Kuina commit suicide?

Kuina was frustrated and knew that one day she would have to give up the sword as she grew older. Could this have led her to contemplate suicide?

What was The Wado Ichimonji?

It was a sword that belonged to Kuina and her family. Koshiro, Kuina’s dad gave it to Zoro after her death.

Did Kuina run away from home?

Kuina’s dad Koshiro didn’t believe that women belonged to the sword. He constantly reminded Kuina that swordsmanship was a man’s domain. This affected Kuina’s confidence negatively. Could this have led to her escape?

Who was Kuina?

Kuina was the childhood friend to Zoro. She practiced sword fighting at her father’s dojo with Zoro and was very skilled.

She grew up believing that girls would never make it in the male dominated world of swords. Her father felt females were weaker and this limited their chances at being warriors, a belief he always reminded her of.

Was Kuina’s death a cover-up?

Kuina accidentally died after she fell down from the stairs despite being a skilled swordsman. This simple cause of death left many fans feeling that there may be more to the story than had been revealed.

What is in Kuina’s mouth?

Kuina is always depicted with a stick like object in her mouth. It is a fake cigarette.

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