How Did Juuzou Suzuya Die? Or Is He Alive? What Happened To Him in Tokyo Ghoul?

Juuzou Suzuya

Juuzou Suzuya is a villain in the Tokyo Ghoul series. His past name is Rei Suzuya and is a leader of Suzuya Sqaud.

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Is Juuzou alive?

Juuzou recovered after being struck by Kurona’s kagune and instead maimed her.

Does Juuzou have relatives?

The only known relative of Juuzou is his adoptive mother, Big Madam who raised him.

Juuzou dies!!

Big Madam torture of Juuzou raised his pain tolerance to a higher level. Even after Kurona Kagune pierces him, he recovers almost immediately and continues fighting.

What happened to Juuzou’s mom?

Juuzou was born human. His both parents were human till one fateful day, he got kidnapped. Nothing is mentioned of his mom since.

Was Juuzou castrated?

His mother Big Madam always wanted him to look like a girl. She worried that with age he will change and lose his beauty. So she did the unimaginable! She castrated him with a hammer so his body would not produce the male hormones, testosterone.

Is Juuzou his original name?

He was called Rei Suzuya before his kidnapping. He started working at the Ghoul Restaurant as a Scrapper and they named him “Juuzou”.

Who Killed Juuzou Suzuya?

In the Rushima Landing Operation, Suzuya pierced Kurona’s eye. Kurona, Suzuya’s former classmate at The Academy released a set of kagune as Suzuya as his subordinates tried to subdue her. In the process, Suzuya was struck in the chest by one of Kurona’s kagune.

How old is Juuzou?

Juuzou is 19 years old.

Was Juuzou rescued?

CCG rescued Juuzou. They raided Big Madam’s hideout and freed Juuzou. He then joined the Academy Junior School.

Why did Juuzou scream?

Yukinori Shinohara was like a father figure to Juuzou. When the One eyed Owl severed Shinohara’s leg, followed by a fatal stab in the stomach, Juuzou watched helplessly. He let out a cry of anguish as he regretted not being able to help him.

Did Juuzou Suzuya die?

Suzuya is later revealed as having been wearing an Arata Joker armor, a move that made him recover from Kurona’s previous attack.

Did Juuzou have a prosthetic leg?

During The Owl’s suppression attack, Juuzou lost his right leg while trying to slash the SSS- rated ghouls left arm off. Since then, Juuzou was fitted with a detachable prosthetic leg that has hidden blades.

Who was Juuzou Suzuya?

Suzuya was a Special Class Ghoul Investigator and was the leader of Suzuya Squad.

He was a good swordsman and had superhuman speed, strength and agility. These abilities made him good at fighting ghouls.

Is Suzuya a girl?

Suzuya looks like a girl but he is infact a boy. His mother wanted him to grow up looking like a girl so she removed his vocal chords to maintain his girlish voice and castrated him to mess up with his testosterone production in his body.

Was Juuzou tortured?

Juuzou was abducted as a child by an evil and powerful ghoul named Big Madam. She tortured him and made him kill people.

Was Juuzou human?

Juuzou was human but was kidnapped by a ghoul and ended up being tortured and raised as pet and a scrapper for the Ghoul Restaurant.

Did Juuzou kill Kurona?

During the Rushima Landing Operation, Juuzous sudden recovery from the previous attack caught Kurona unawares. He ambushed Kurona and repeatedly lacerated her arms and legs. Enraged and unable to fight back, she fled and her whereabouts are unknown to date.

Was Juuzou emotional after all?

Since his abduction and subsequent torture by a powerful ghoul named Big Madam, Juuzou had no sense of right or wrong and had no emotions. This changed when his father figure was killed and his loss was felt through his painful cry.

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