How Did Alejandro Rubio From Devious Maids Die?

Alejandro Rubio

During his engagement party at his house, unknown assailants with ski masks on forced their way in and robbed the guests of their belongings. A trigger happy robber shot in the air and as fate would have it, a stray bullet struck Alejandro in the chest, killing him instantly.

Who was Alejandro Rubio?

Alejandro, a former model, is a supporting actor in Devious Maids and a wealthy Latino pop singer, a position that made it impossible for him to openly declare his sexual orientation.

In which episode was Alejandro killed?

Alejandro was killed in Season two: The Dark at The Top of the Stairs episode. After the robbers realize that they have shot someone, they flee for their lives.

What was Alejandro’s behavior like in Devious Maids?

He was full of himself but back at home, he was very good and understanding to his employees.

He was self-centered and only cared about himself. He chose his career over his boyfriend Dario, even when given the chance to go be with Dario in Europe.

What was Devious Maids about?

Devious Maids is an American comedy-drama Television series. It follows the lives and challenges of five Latina women who work as Maids in the lavish neighbourhood of Beverly Hills.

When one of their friends is murdered, they start their own investigations into the murder.

Devious Maids series ended after four seasons.

What was Matt Cedeno’s ethnicity?

His father was Afro-Cuban and his mother was an Irish and English lady. He is of mixed heritage and has a younger brother called Ray Cedeo.

Did Alejandro marry Carmen?

In order to save his career, Alejandro proposed marriage to his maid Carmen. In doing so, he broke the heart of his long-time admirer, Odessa.

Who played Alejandro Rubio in Devious Maids?

Matt Cedeno played Alejandro’s character in Devious Maids. He was cast in 2013.

He was born on 14 November, 1974 in Moses Lake, Washington, USA. He has previously starred in Desperate Housewives and Days of Our Lives.

He is married to Erica Franco and they have one child.

What secret did Alejandro want to reveal before his untimely death?

Alejandro wanted to tell the world that he was gay, a secret that he had kept for way too long.

He was scared that if the public knew, his career would be ruined.

What is Matt Cedeno’s Networth?

His estimated networth was $6M USD by 2019.

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