How Did Kakashi’s Dad Die? What Happened To This Shinobi in Naruto Series?

Sakumo Hatake

Kakashi’s dad was also known as Sakumo Hatake.

Having failed in his mission of The Land of Fire, the villagers of Konoha and even those who owed him his life, looked down upon him and treated Sakumo as an outcast after his return to The Leaf Village.

There is no worse feeling to a warrior than being dishonored. This led to his depression and eventually his abilities were negatively affected.

Who Was Kakashi’s Dad?

Kakashi’s dad, Sakumo Hatake was a very powerful and famous Konoha Ninja. He was also known as “White Fang”.

He was known to be a very humble and loyal man, who had deep devotion to his country and an even bigger commitment to his friends and loved ones, and would put their safety before anything else.

What Happened To Kakashi’s Dad?

Kakashi’s dad was tormented even in death. His ultimate joy came when he finally reunited with Kakashi in Episode 159.

After a long talk, Kakashi realized that his dad actually never did anything wrong and he forgave him. This gave Kakashi’s dad the strength to move on into the after life in search of his wife and Kakashi’s mother.

Why Was Kakashi’s Dad Revered?

Sakumo Hatake was an elite Shinobi who was feared by the five nations. According to The Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, “Sakumo was feared even by the Legendary Sannin.”

It is said that even enemies feared his name. It was said that his name was “as scary to the enemy, as the Yellow Flash of The Leaf was.”

Did Kakashi Witness His Father’s Death?

Kakashi bore witness to his father’s death and was traumatized.

Knowing very well that his father’s death resulted from his disobedience of the set rules, Kakashi thereafter vowed to live strictly according to the Ninja Code.

How did Kakashi’s dad die?

Sakumo Hatake, Kakashi’s dad made the ultimate sacrifice when he decided to abandon the success of his mission in order to save a clan mate.

Unbeknownst to him, this move would lead to his being labelled as dishonorable and a disgrace to Shinobi.

Unable to cope with his depression, he resorted to suicide and left his son Kakashi all alone.

When Did Kakashi’s Dad Die?

In the Naruto anime, Sakumo Hatake’s death scene was shown in Episode 159. However in the manga, it is depicted in Volume 46, Naruto Chapter 425.

What Clan did Kakashi’s Dad Come From?

Kakashi’s father was from The Hatake Clan, also meaning Farmland. His was one of the many clans that reside in Konohagakure, with its only known members being the renowned ninjas, Sakumo and his son Kakashi Hatake.

The Hatake clan possessed the White Light Chakra Sabre Heirloom.

Why Did Kakashi’s Dad Earn the Title “White Fang Of the Leaf?”

Kakashi’s dad was a master with his trademark tanto, The White Light Chakra Sabre, and whenever he fought with it, it left a white streak when swung.

It is this white blade that earned Sakumo Hatake the title of The White Fang of Konoha.

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