How Did Kassie Leah France Die? What Happened to Devine’s Mother?

Kassie Leah France

Kassie France’s death was sadly announced on social media on 19 October 2019. The cause of death remains a mystery. No media outlet or family member has let out any clue as to what truly killed Kassie.

Who was Kassie Leah France?

She was a native and resident of Raceland. She was 39 at her time of death. Her funeral was held at Falgout Funeral House in Lockport.

Did Kassie France have a family?

Kassie had two daughters, Kyle and Devine France. Her father Leroy J. Freeman Jr and mother Theresa Rock Freeman. Her sisters were Tatiana and Amber Freeman.

What is the film Wendy about?

Wendy is a fantasy drama film dedicated to Devine’s mother, Kassie Leah France. It is a movie highlighting the power of motherhood. In the movie, Wendy’s mother is Angela, a waitress at a train station.

Her love for her mother shows her the path when she searches for a way to safety from the island.

Where did Kassie France school?

Kassie was a student of L.E. Fletcher. She did her high school education at Central Lafourche High School in Lockport, Louisiana.

Who is Devine France?

Devine France is Kassie Leah France’s daughter. She is the main protagonist in the film Wendy where she stars as Wendy. One night they escape with the help of Peter and find themselves in an island called Neverland where only children inhabit and no one ages. They enjoy their newfound freedom at first but overtime, she longs to go back home.

Does the Movie Wendy celebrate Kassie Leah France?

The movie focuses on the importance of motherhood and the sacrifices mothers make in order for their children to have a good life.

Though a young girl herself, after Peter appoints Wendy to act as their mother, she is seen tucking them in at night, reprimands them when they get too wild and repairs their clothes with all the expertise of a real mother.

Why is Wendy the film linked to maternal love?

Wendy represents the typical young mother figure who finally captures Peter Pans attention. She is the eldest daughter of George and Mary Darling. She acts as a mother figure to Peter and the lost boys, all the while continuing to believe in her mother’s undying love.

She keeps the memory of her parents burning for herself and her brothers while they were in the island called Neverland.

What is Wendy’s personality in Wendy the film?

Wendy is a maternal lady who is responsible and very caring. Her maturity is seen in how she is able to care for John and Micheal in the island.

She carries out her domestic chores meticulously. She is seen fetching firewood and singing to Micheal about their mother.

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