How Did Kong (Logan Paul’s Dog) Die? What Happened To His Dog?


Kong was attacked by wild coyotes in Los Angeles.

On seeing the wild coyotes in Paul’s front yard, Kong started barking.

The coyotes finally managed to force their way into the house by jumping over the fence.

Paul was later to say, “Despite his savagery, he didn’t stand a chance.”

Who was Kong?

Kong Da Savage was Logan Paul’s dog. Paul had purchased Kong from a fan in 2017.

Paul has a fan base of twenty three million followers in his own right and as such is a powerful social media influencer.

Does Logan Paul have a podcast series?

“Impaulsive with Logan Paul” is the title of Paul’s Apple podcast.

Paul and his co-host, Mike Majlak started the podcast in 2018. They host weekly shows with a live guest per show, discussing the latest gossip and news surrounding the web community.

Ever since its inception, Impaulsive has become one of the most popular podcasts in the world.

What is the most viewed episode of Impaulsive podcast?

6ix9ine was the most watched episode of Impaulsive with over 10 Million views on YouTube.

Who is Logan Paul?

Logan Paul is a media personality and social media influencer with over 23 Million subscribers on his YouTube account alone.

He was born on 1 April, 1995.

Paul is also an actor and a professional boxer.

What is Logan Paul’s networth?

As of 2021, Paul’s networth was approximated at over $35Million USD.

What type of dog is Logan Paul’s new dog?

His new dog is a red Tibetan Mastiff puppy named Ginger.

He also got a Husky breed named Broley.

When did Kong die?

Paul had just spent two years with Kong before his untimely death in April 2019.

What is Logan’s education background?

Logan attended Westlake High School and Ohio University, from where he dropped out to concentrate on being a full time social entertainer.

Did Logan Paul have another pet that died?

Maverick, a parrot, was another of Paul’s pets that was killed and eaten in July 2019 by his dog Ginger.

Paul went on to explain in his Instagram account, that Ginger mistook Maverick for a small rubber chicken.

Logan was devastated by Maverick’s death as he referred to Maverick as “His best friend”. He attributed much of his vlogging content to Maverick way before he got started on Vine and social media.

Does Logan Paul have a brother?

Paul has only one younger brother named Jake Joseph Paul who was born on 17 January, 1997.

Paul told his fans in Los Angeles that his girlfriend Julia Rose was pregnant with their first child.

Just like his brother Paul, Jake is a successful boxer, actor and social media personality.

Who are Logan Paul’s Parents?

Gregory Alan Paul and Pamela Ann Stepnick are Paul’s parents. Paul’s dad, Gregory Paul is a realtor.

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