How Did Lola Calvo (La Lupe) Die? What Really Happened To This Cuban Artist?

Lola Calvo

Lola Calvo was hospitalized at Lincoln hospital in Bronx where she died of a heart attack on 29 February 1992. She was 53 at the time of her death. She was buried in St Raymonds New Cemetery, New York, United States.

How did Lola Calvo’s husband die?

Eulogio Reyes Messias was La Lupe’s first husband from 1958 to 1960. Willie Garcia was La Lupe’s second husband and they had two children, Rainbow and Rene Camaro. They were married from 1964 to 1972. Willie Garcia was a percussionist, composer and producer and was born on 20 July 1950, in Columbia.

Willie Garcia was diagnosed with schizophrenia and as to what killed him, nothing is known to date.

Who was Lola Calvo?

“Lola Calvo” is the fictional character based on the real life of a Cuban singer called Guadalupe Victoria Yoli also known as La Lupe. She was an Afro- Cubana known for her energetic and at times controversial songs.

La Lupe was also known as The Queen of Latin Soul and was the pioneer of Salsa.

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She was born on 23 December 1939, at Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

Was La Lupe exiled from Cuba?

La Lupe felt unwanted in her own country. She was saddened when her singing style was officially classified as anti-revolutionary. In 1962, she left for Mexico to relaunch her career but as fate would have it, she was never accepted.

What was Lola’s education background?

She attended Normal School for Teachers at Santiago de Cuba at the behest of her father from where she joined The University of Havanna in 1955 and did a short stint at teaching.

What happened to La Lupe’s Children?

La Lupe struggled to bring up her children as she battled with drug addiction and depression. At one time she injured her back in a fatal fall as she was fixing a curtain. She injured her spine and was confined to a wheelchair. Her apartment was razed down and left her homeless.

What kind of a dancer was La Lupe?

La Lupe had an electrifying stage presence. She completely immersed herself in her music and danced her heart away. Once her first husband, Eulogio Reyes said that the first time he saw her perform, he thought that she was having an epileptic fit. She was unstoppable.

What led to La Lupe’s downfall?

Poor record sales and the rise of another salsa superstar Celia Cruz under Fania Records led to her decline in her career. Her performance inconsistencies coupled up with mental issues that led to her drug addiction also took a toll on her career.

Did La Lupe die poor?

After her contract with Fania Records ended, she became destitute. Her husband’s medical bills and her large donations to the African- based “Santeria” religion left her broke.

At some point her house burnt down and she and her two children were left homeless and ended in a shelter. She faded into obscurity and was forgotten.

How is La Lupe remembered?

A street was named after her. In 2002, New York City renamed The Bronx’s East 140 Street, La Lupe Way.

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