Felipe Arriaga Cause of Death Revealed: How Did the Mexican Singer and Actor Die?

Felipe Arriaga cause of death revealed

Felipe Arriaga died on November 3, 1988 at the age of 51. Learn how the famous Mexican singer and actor lost his life.

Who Was Felipe Arriaga?

Felipe Arriaga was a singer and actor from Mexico who was born on September 27, 1937 in in Rancho El Pitayo, municipality of Cotija de la Paz, Michoacán, Mexico. Felipe was very famous in the 70s and 80s through his singing and acting.

Felipe’s parents were Don Gerardo and Doña Meche Aguilar. They gave birth to Felipe as their eleventh child.

As far as formal education is concerned, Felipe had studied till the second year of his elementary school in the state elementary school Melchor Ocampo in Cotija, Michoacán.

He couldn’t further continue his studies due to the dire economic situation of the family and had to start work to meet ends. He soon started working as an apprentice shoemaker.

Felipe later went on to do magical things in music and cinema. His name at the time of birth was José Luis Aguilar Oseguera.

How Did Felipe Arriaga Die?

Felipe Arriaga met a very tragic death. He was murdered in 1988 by armed men in front of his house.

It was supposed that they committed the murder for settling scores, however the exact reason as to why he was murdered remained unanswered till today.

How Old Was Felipe Arriaga When He Died?

Felipe Arriaga was just 51 years of age when he died.

At the time of his death on November 3, 1988 he was standing outside his own house along with his wife, friend and one of his children.

They were looking and praising a new car that Felipe had just bought from the money he earned through his singing performance.

What Happened to Felipe Arriaga?


Felipe Arriaga was the famous Mexican singer and actor who was assassinated in front of his own house by armed men on November 3, 1988.

That day, few armed men arrived at his house in a blue vehicle without license plates and as soon as the vehicle pulled over, two men exited and started shooting haphazardly at Felipe with a machine gun.

Felipe died instantaneously at the spot as the autopsy later showed that he was shot by 5 bullets from a very close range so it was extremely difficult for him to evade this attack.

We never knew till today that why he was murdered so gruesomely. But it is believed that this incident might have some connection with a confrontation Felipe had with an organized criminal ring.

That confrontation led to that fatal incident as the criminals were settling their scores with him.

As we all know, Mexico is infested with criminal gangs and drug peddlers. It’s one of the most dangerous places for gang related activities in the world.

Gang fights continue for months in many cities in Mexico. Even the law enforcement agencies can’t handle and control the situation as the whole town go into fight.

Felipe Arriaga Music and Film Career

Felipe Arriaga migrated to Mexico city in 1953 along with his whole family and there he became a band member of a musical group, which they called as mariachi group whose founder was Don Gerardo. The group was named Mariachi Aguilar and Felipe. Felipe was just 16 years of age when he joined the group.

Felipe made great progress in his musical career and was already leading the mariachi group by the year 1967. It was Felipe Arriaga who gave break to the famous Mexican ranchera singer Vicente Fernández who came to Mexico City in search of work. Felipe made Vicente the lead vocalist of the group.

Some of the most popular hits of Felipe Arriaga are Pelea de Perros, Fina Estampa, Corazón Corazoncito.

Felipe had also acted in more than 20 films. Some of his notable works include The Scrounger, The, To be a charro is to be Mexican, Cafre, El, Like Mad Dogs, Cura de locura, Un, Entre monjas anda el diablo and many others.

Felipe Arriaga Personal Life

Felipe married Modesta Uribe Ramos and has two children Gerardo and Tonantzin.

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