Ryan Lauenstein Cause of Death: Ryan Was the Father of Nebraska hitter Whitney Lauenstein

Ryan Lauenstein cause of death

Ryan Lauenstein died suddenly on February 4, 2021. His death came as a shock to everyone. Ryan was the father of Nebraska volleyball player Whitney Lauenstein.

Who was Ryan Andrew Lauenstein?

Ryan Andrew Lauenstein was born on March 24, 1980 in York, Nebraska. His parents were Daniel & Marla (Robare) Lauenstein.

He was the father of Nebraska volleyball player Whitney Lauenstein. Ryan had adopted Whitney and Tyler and gave birth to Gracie and Hallie with his wife Carla. He was a kind father to all four of his kids.

Ryan worked as a System Control Supervisor at LES. His coworkers and friends described him as an extremely talented and the best in the field. He never required any training, he was really that good in the IT field.

He’d use to solve problems very easily and everyone would turn to him whenever there’d be a new configuration in the field. Ryan will be dearly missed by everyone.

How Did Ryan Lauenstein Die?

Ryan Lauenstein sadly passed away on February 4, 2021. The news of his death was informed by his family members and they haven’t revealed the real cause of his death.

So, as of this date, the exact reason of Ryan’s death hasn’t been known. We can’t speculate what led to his death until we’ve any official confirmation from the family.

How Old Was Ryan Lauenstein When He Died?

Ryan was just 40 years of age when he died. We never knew the reason behind his death. His family members broke the tragic news to the world.

Ryan was loved by everyone. He was a beloved son, father, husband, uncle and friend and everyone who knew him realized that he was a very good person.

Ryan started his schooling at Geneva, Nebraska where he grew up. His family was very religious and so he was baptized and confirmed at the United Church of Christ.

Ryan Lauenstein Life and Career

As soon as he graduated from Geneva High School, Ryan wanted to enter into farming but fate had something else in store for him. He joined Utility Line Technician School at Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Nebraska.

But he could never really left farming and whenever he would have any time between his school and college, he’d use to work on the Lovegrove farm.

Ryan completed his apprenticeship at Lincoln Electric System as a line technician in May 2002 and eventually paved his career at the company. From a line technician to Night service technician, Ryan ultimately became the Supervisor of System Control in June 2019 at LES.

Ryan served at LES for more than 20 years and during that time, he was one of the most valued employee at the company. He always took his job as a passion and was eager to learn new things on the field.

Ryan was a technician professionally, but he had an extreme interest in sports from his childhood. His dad would use to coach the baseball team so he also started playing the game with his cousins.

His other pastime activities included hunting, four wheelers and go carts. He was a very good football player at high school and had received all conference and All-state honorable mention.

Ryan Lauenstein Family Detail

Ryan married Carla on November 4, 2006. The wedding took place in the gorgeous Caribbean island nation of St. Lucia.

Ryan and Carla adopted Tyler and Whitney on August 26, 2008 and later gave birth to Gracie and Hallie on September 15, 2008.

Ryan’s son Tyler enjoyed playing T-ball from his youth. Ryan would use to take him to many baseball games and personally train him. Now he is a good softball player.

Ryan’s daughter Whitney meanwhile showed great interest in volleyball and today she plays for the University of Nebraska volleyball team.

Ryan Lauenstein’s Daughter Whitney Lauenstein Left Nebraska Volleyball Team

(Source: Husker Athletics)

After the tragic death of her father, Whitney Lauenstein decided to take a break from Husker volleyball program.

She informed about her decision through a social media post where she mentioned that she needed to focus on herself and be with her family who are still mourning the loss of their beloved father Ryan Lauenstein of Waverly.

She wrote “I have decided to step away from the volleyball team.”

“I cherish every single moment with my teammates. They have grown to be some of my best friends and will continue to be! I will miss playing in (the Bob Devaney Sports Center)… it will be something I will remember forever, but I think it’s important to put yourself first before you commit to something big!”

“Thank you everyone for the unconditional love and support, the Nebraska fan base is unlike any other!”

Her coach John Cook understood her situation and showed his support for her in a statement.

“We fully support Whitney and her family in making this decision and hope that she will find peace and healing,” Cook said. “There are bigger things in life than volleyball. Whit will be missed by everyone involved with our program, especially her Husker teammates and coaches. She will always be a Husker.”

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