Did Alex Cahill Die on Walker Texas Ranger?

Alex Cahill

After the day’s trial against Ranger Harper, as Walker is heading home, a bank robber shoots at him. The other rangers shoot and kill the robber.

Alex was present and was seen looking at her chest, where a bullet had penetrated and eventually fell to the ground, just outside the courthouse.

Alex’s life hang in the balance as the movie came to an abrupt end.

What was Walker Texas Ranger about?

Walker Texas Ranger was a crime television series starring Chuck Norris, also known as Seargent Cordell Walker, a member of The Texas Rangers, the States Bureau of Investigation.

Who was Alex Cahill?

Also known as Alexandra Cahill, Alex was an assistant District Attorney in Dallas, Texas and worked closely with Texas Ranger, Cordell Walker.

She was born in 1965.

She was a regular at C.D. Parker’s Bar.

Who Killed Alex Cahill?

Alex’s job required her to frequent the courthouse where the cases were heard.

Alex became collateral damage when a stray bullet from a leader of bank robbers hit her on the chest, sending her spiralling on the floor of the courthouse.

In what episode did Alex Cahill die?

In the closing shot of the movie, “Trial by Fire (2005)”, reunion movie, Alex was wounded by a bullet that shot through her chest.

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Who shot Alex?

During her friends wedding, Alex got shot by a criminal who went by the name Karl Storm. Karl and Alex had had ups and downs in their previous relationship.

Immediately after, Walker proposed to Alex.

The Rangers finally tracked down the murderers.

How many times was Alex kidnapped?

Through all the episodes, Alex was kidnapped and held hostage 22 times, shot thrice and drugged once.

Was Walker Texas Ranger based on a true story?

Samuel Hamilton Walker was a native of Maryland. He was the real Walker, Texas Ranger.

He was born in 1817, a time when youngsters adored heroes.

Who played Alex Cahill?

Screen Julienne Wilson played Alex Cahill- Walker in Walker Texas Ranger.

What was Alex Cahill’s networth?

Screen Wilson is worth approximately $5 Million USD.

Did Alex and Walker marry?

On 20 May, 2000, Alex Cahill tied the knot with Sgt. Cordell Walker.

They had a daughter named Angela on May of 2001.

What happened to Cahill’s father?

Alex’s father was a brilliant lawyer named Gordon Cahill. However, when Alex was a little girl, her alcoholic father abandoned her and her mother raised her.

He later came back into her life as he put her through law school.

In what episode did Alex and Walker get married?

They got married in episode titled “Walker Texas Ranger”, Wedding Bells: Part 2.

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