Does Pain die in Naruto? What Happened To Him In Naruto?

Pain from Naruto

The Battle of The Two Students lasted through six episodes.

Naruto successfully faced off against the Six Paths Of Pain and set off in search of the real Pain (Nagato). He discovered him at their Amegakure hideout within a massive tree and it is here that he met the real Nagato for the first time.

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They shared stories and Nagato finally agreed to use his remaining chakra to resurrect everyone who was killed during the war, as he was already very weak. As a result Pain lost his life. So yes, Pain dies in Naruto.

Who was Pain?

Nagato also known as Pain is a figurehead leader whose sole mission was to capture all the tailed creatures within various people in the Shinobi world. He succeeded at capturing and sealing most of the beasts within a statue.

He was then sent on a mission to capture the Nine-tailed Demon Fox sealed inside Naruto, the main protagonist.

What were the Six Paths Of Pain?

Nagato did not physically fight but used a group of corpses known as “The Six Paths Of Pain”.

These paths were an Outer Path Technique that allowed Pain to manipulate all the six bodies just as though they were his own.

What was Pain’s main goal?

Pain’s past as a war orphan coupled up with the death of his best friend, deeply traumatized him.

Due to his painful experiences, he put all his energies in creating a new world that is free from war.

Was Pain crippled?

During the battle with Hanzo, Pain was left crippled. Rendered immobile, he used the Six Paths to carry out his will.

Who Killed Pain?

During the last battle, Pain felt regret at the evil path he had taken. After Pain run out of his chakra, he died and entrusted his dreams with Naruto and Konan. He wished a better world for both.

He was reincarnated as a Ninja and helped Konoha win the war. Not having  control of his body, he used his voice to warn his team of any danger coming their way.

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Pain eventually regained his sanity and his gentle soul was revealed in the afterlife.

In what episode does Pain die?

Pain dies in Episode 168, The Fourth Hokage of Naruto.

What is Naruto about?

Naruto is a Japanese anime/manga series that follows the life of a young Ninja, Naruto Uzumaki, who fights his way to gaining recognition and dreams of becoming the leader of his village someday.

Is Naruto based on a true story?

Naruto may be a fictional series but it takes its pointers from the real- life ninjas that lived and worked in Japan.

Did Pain have parents?

Ise was Pain’s father and his mother was called Fuso. They faced their death under the hands of Konoha.

Where were the Six Paths Of Pain stored?

When not in use, Nagato stored the six bodies in a hidden chamber within the Amegakure’s tallest tower, with each body rested on a pod.

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