How Did Brittany From Intervention Die?


Brittany suffered from heroin and meth addictions which ended up with Brittany dying of an overdose of heroin on 20 August, 2016. She was 27 years old. She had died two days after completing her treatment at a rehabilitation center.

Her mother wrote on the PrimeTimer “Intervention” Forum, “I miss her so much. She was a really caring and loving person regardless of her addiction.”

What Happened to Brittany from Intervention?

At twelve years of age, Brittany was molested and this resulted in her abusing drugs. Her life took a turn for the worse as she would shoot-up up to a six times a day, an expensive habit that led her to borrow from relatives and prostitute herself to provide for her addiction.

When Did Brittany from Intervention Die?

Season 12 of Intervention marked one year since Brittany’s return to West Michigan from Argentina. She reunited with her daughter and they reestablished their mother-daughter relationship.

At one point, Brittany remarked that their relationship would have been perfect had it not been for her reliance on addictive drugs.

Why Was Brittany Hooked on Drugs?

At a young age, Brittany went through a disturbing childhood with her being a victim of rape and also a witness to her parent’s break up and the bitter divorce battle that ensued subsequently.

She ended up turning to drugs to help her block the trauma, pain and loss she felt and had to struggle through daily.

In Which Episode Did Brittany from Intervention Die?

Season 15 episode 17 summarized the events that led to the death of Brittany Christine Howard on 20th August, 2016, a mere two days after the completion of her treatment.

Who Were The Family of Brittany from Intervention?

Brittany was born five years after the rape and murder of her nine-year old sister Terry. Her mother pressured her to live up to the image of Terry, which was the struggle that pushed Brittany to the brink.

As fate would have it. Brittany was also raped and she started sneaking out at night in an effort to flee from her overbearing junkie mother, eventually leading her into the life of addiction.

What is Intervention About?

Intervention is an American Television reality series that follows addicts and chronicles the impact their illness has on those around them, always resulting in the inevitable ‘intervention’. It premiered on 6th March, 2005.

What is the “Intervention” on Intervention?

Every addict on Intervention is given an ultimatum to either undergo a 90-Day full treatment plan at a rehabilitation facility or risk losing contact, income or privileges from family or friends.

It is at this point that the ‘Interventionist’ comes in as an enabler.

Who Was Brittany from Intervention?

After her death, a fundraising under GoFundMe was started to raise money to defray her funeral expenses. The GoFundMe account profile read “Addiction has claimed yet another life. Brittany was a 27-year-old fan, outgoing and bubbly person. She was taken from us too soon.”

Was Intervention Based On True Life Events?

Intervention is an American television series. The interventions are absolutely real and ran by actual addiction counselors.

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