How Did Ace Die In One Piece? What Happened To Him In the Anime Series?

Ace from One Piece

Teach defeated Ace and handed him over to the Marines, an event that resulted in the Summit War of Marineford. After some time, Ace was eventually set free.

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However he chose to give his life in exchange for Luffey, in order to save Luffey from Admiral Akainu. Ace’s death shattered One Piece’s fan base to its core.

Is Ace From One Piece Dead?

Since inception, One Piece was not known to kill off characters and it was a shocker for the audience when their most favorite character was decisevely gone from their screens.

What happened to Ace in One Piece?

In the fight with Blackbeard, once shackled with the handcuffs made of stone, the little energy Ace had been saving was drained, leaving him too weak to fight back against Admiral Akainu.

Who Killed Ace in One Piece?

Admiral Akainu is hated by many, both in the cast and audience. Thus it did not come as a surprise that the events leading to Ace’s death were directly connected to Admiral Akainu.

What is One Piece About?

One Piece is a Japanese television series that follows the adventures of a boy by the name of Monkey D Luffey, whose body assumed characteristics of rubber after accidentally eating a Devil’s Fruit.

Monkey and his fellow pirates went in search of the King of the Pirates’ ultimate treasure referred to as the “One Piece”, in order to be proclaimed the King of the Pirates.

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In the journey, they encounter various challenges such as bounty hunters, criminal organizations and soldiers of the corrupt government.

What is a Devil’s Fruit?

As per Wikipedia, a Devil Fruit is “a fruit that when eaten grants a power to the eater. A person may only eat one Devil’s Fruit in their lifetime, as eating a second Devil Fruit will swiftly end their life.”

Who Was Ace in One Piece?

Ace, also known as Portgas D. Ace, was the son of Gol D. Roger. He was a second division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and one time captain of the Spade Pirates. Ace was also nicknamed “Fire Fist” Ace.

Who Were Ace’s Family in One Piece?

Ace was born to Gol D. Roger and Portgas D. Rouge. Ace’s father, Gol D. Roger died before the birth of Ace. According to his mother, Gol had already chosen the name Portgas D. Ace for his last born son.

He had two older brothers known as Luffey and Sabo.

Who Was Ace’s Real Father in One Piece?

Ace’s real father was Gol D. Roger who was a revered pirate and went by the title of “Pirate King” courtesy of being captain of the Roger Pirates.

He was also the undisputed owner of the treasure referred to as “One Piece.” However, he died before the birth of Ace. At the execution of Gol D. Roger, he requested that Monkey D adopt his son Ace, after his birth and to take care of him as his own.

In Which Episode Did Ace Die?

It was in Episode 483 of One Piece, that Portgas D. Ace met his demise.

Does Ace Come Back To Life?

As per, the Creator Oda categorically stated that he had no plans to resurrect Ace any time soon.

Who Played Ace in One Piece?

Portgas D. Ace was voiced by Travis Willingham in One Piece.

Why Did Ace Die?

Both on and off screen, everybody felt secure, never knowing that death could come knocking at any time. Ace’s death proved to be the ultimate reason why Luffey embarked on a two year gruesome training regimen in order to gather enough strength to protect his family and friends.

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