How Did 6 Dogs Die?

6 dogs Ronald Chase Amick

6 Dogs contracted Covid-19 and a few months later, he is said to have committed suicide on 26 January 2021.

Who Killed 6 Dogs?

On 12 March, 2021, 6 Dogs’s posthumous album “Ronald” was released. A statement from 6 Dogs’s family revealed that he fell from a building to his death.

Who was 6 Dogs?

6 Dogs who’s real name was Ronald Chase Amick, was a musical artist born on 5 May, 1999, in Atlanta Georgia, USA.

He started rapping and recording his own original tracks as a teenager.

What was the origin of the name 6 Dogs?

When 6 Dogs was asked about how he came up with the name, he pointed out to his time in North Georgia when a pack of dogs chased him as he was riding his bike.

What was 6 Dogs’s job before launching his music career?

6 Dogs worked as a lifeguard. He had confessed that for hours, he would sit down thinking about music.

He believed that one day he would make music as it was the universal language.

During his interview with No Jumper, he said, “I remember just sitting in the lifeguard stand, the entire summer, 8 hours a day or longer…I want to do something different with my life,” he would muse.

Was 6 dogs suffering from mental health?

In November 2020, 6 Dogs had dropped a clue that he could be struggling with depression.

He tweeted,” If you have friends in the music biz, call them and check on them. This rat race that we all are in is not cool. Some days I feel like a super hero who can take over the world and sometimes, I just wanna cry and quit. I know am not alone.”

Did Music save 6 Dogs life?

In an interview with No Jumper, 6 Dogs revealed that depression was the main reason he had started using music as outlet.

What were 6 Dogs top songs?

“Faygo Dreams” and “Flossing” songs got the highest number of views on YouTube. By the end of his career, he had around 15 Million views on YouTube and 100 Million views on Spotify.

Why did 6 Dogs keep his songs hidden?

Coming from a strictly religious household forced 6 Dogs to keep his secular songs a secret.

He got grounded by his mother when she discovered his music as a teenager.

What genre did 6 Dogs sing?

6 Dogs songs were composed as Hip-Hop and rap music.

What message did 6 Dogs’ songs carry?

6 Dogs’ songs mainly focused on mental depression and suicide.

What Led to 6 Dogs’s breakthrough in his career?

An interview with No Jumper podcast under their “Exposed” series, saw an increase in 6 Dogs’s popularity.

His collaboration with Lil Skies in the release “Off the gas”, also saw his numbers rise.

What did people say about 6 Dogs?

His fellow rapper Lil Aaron posted, “I never met anyone from the Soundcloud scene in that era that was just positive and nice to everyone like 6 Dogs was.”

Another twitter user posted, “Rest in Peace 6 Dogs. This one hurts so much, not only did we grow up with you, you’ve left an impact on the entire music industry. I can’t believe this man.”

What was 6 Dogs’ networth?

As of 2021, 6 Dogs had a networth of approximately $120,000 USD.

Did 6 Dogs have a family?

6 Dogs came from a strictly religious family. His mother was a devout Christian. Little is known about his parents but 6 Dogs mentions that he had a younger sister.

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